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Re: Are you a Happy customer?

2010-12-30, 19:57 PM

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Re: Are you a Happy customer?

2011-01-11, 13:37 PM
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Re: Are you a Happy customer?

2011-01-11, 22:13 PM

Right now I'm a very happy customer. Lenovo warranty service is great as well as their machines are even better. 

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Re: Are you a Happy customer?

2011-01-12, 23:59 PM

Lenovo has been good in all respects and I worked for the major computer vendor for years. However on my last order one of the things I ordered was insurance for my t61. The order was split anf it took months to get Lenovo to allow me to make an order for insurance.




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Re: Are you a Happy customer?

2011-01-14, 23:51 PM

Sad to say not a bit Happy ! 


Hey Guys,


Like so many of you have noticed, unlike other companies, Lenovo has no complaints department that can actually handle your complaints.  Please give me your opinion on how to resolve my problem.


I placed an order on the Lenovo website on Dec 30, 2010 to take advantage of the 15percent year-end discounts.  I configure my system and submit the order only to find out that the 15% was not applied.  I immediately sent websales@lenovo.com an email telling them.  Five days pass and I have not received a reply so I sent another email to them.  Again, no response.


I received my order the second week of January ,2011 and I called Lenovo to ask about the 15% discount.  Here are their reasons the Representatives gave for DENYING me the discount:


The discount code is not valid anymore in 2011   ( even though the order was placed the  back in December 2010.)


They did no received any of my emails about the 15% so Lenovo cannot do anything ( even though I forwarded to the Representative my “SENT” copy with the date and time stamped of my emails showing that I did send it to them back in December).


I told the representative to connect me to the billing department hoping that they can make the adjustment or at least look at the invoice.  There is NOT a Billing department.!!!


In the end, the representative told me that I will be charge a 15% restocking fee if I return it.


What should I do?


Thanks Guys.


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Re: Are you a Happy customer?

2011-01-14, 23:51 PM


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Re: Are you a Happy customer?

2011-01-16, 19:04 PM

Signing up to the forums has put me off a little in the sense that I get to see the problems people encounter, but then I ought to expect it, as forums provide secondary support (and for support centers that suck, you're going to get people in here), also I am impressed that staff on the forums seem responsive to people's problems, so I suspect, Lenovo as a company (and IBM) want to provide good support. But from reading the forum, it seems I should note: don't order directly from Lenovo, they say they'll ship 1-2 weeks for the UK, so I'm going to get it quicker from a reseller anyway (the one I might order from has next day delivery and is fairly local, so I can order it to arrive on one of my days off). Also, customer service is hit and miss, depends on your country and who you talk to. I don't think I've seen any complaints from Brits about the service centers, so should I take that as a sign that Lenovo has good support in the UK? Or will somebody here tell me that I'm madly mistaken?


Am I a happy customer? I'll let you know in a couple of weeks. :smileyvery-happy:


But hopefully I will be.


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Re: Are you a Happy customer?

2011-01-17, 3:21 AM
double post

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Re: Are you a Happy customer?

2011-01-17, 3:41 AM

Drop me a PM with the following information needed.

Serial Number:
Model Type:
Date of Purchase:
Purchase invoice / ID:


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Re: Are you a Happy customer?

2011-01-17, 10:19 AM

I'm a very happy customer,


I have 3 ThinkPad. A T43, a R61i and a T510.


The only problem I had was with the R61i. the HDD died but it was remplaced without problem still under the warranty.


The 3 laptops are still working like a charm and never had a software issue as well.



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