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Blue Screen Again
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Awful customer service - repair stalled, being ignored by Lenovo/CMT team (liquid ingress)

I'm looking for some advice on how to proceed with a repair dispute that has been going on for nearly a month now.

At the moment the case seems to have stalled at the CMT (complaints escalation) stage, which is handled my agents in Slovakia. I responded to their most recent email (22/6/12) with questions and I have been ignored ever since, despite emails requesting an update or response.


The issue was with the screen, which started flickering wildly, with horizontal banding, although there were other long-term issues as well.

The fundamental issue is that I am being told there is evidence of liquid ingress, but I cannot recall anything of the kind. Further, the unit has been problematic throughout its lifetime. I am also concerned at who this process has played out.


15 June: ThinkPad W510 (2010) received at UK depot per instructions.


18 June (AM): Email informing me that LCD would be replaced under warranty, but asked if missing keyboard keys should be fixed as a non-warranty repair. I responded and asked them to go ahead with the LCD and to ignore the keyboard (more on this below).


18 June (PM): I called to request a further repair/examination and the agent said it would be fine. I had faulty USB 3.0 ports, in that they'd fail if I tried to use USB 3.0 devices. I had tried many combinations of drivers, operating systems and devices without success. I had also reported this to IBM/Lenovo Support in July 2011 and they asked me to sent the unit in, but I cancelled the repair because I could not spare the laptop for the 1-2 weeks required.


19 June: Email informing me that this was no a non-warranty call. Apparent evidence of liquid ingress had been found upon further examination, after the USB 3.0 hub repair request.

I responded to ask for more details, as I was unaware of any liquid ingress.


20 June: Received pictures and told that it could have happened at any time during the life of the unit and that such issues can be long-term. Told that this was now a totally billable repair and asked if I wanted a quote, an as-is return, or to escalate and make a complaint. I chose to escalate.


22 June: Received email from a Complaint Resolution Owner (a person in the CMT/Escalation Team for Lenovo Western Europe). Told it was a billable repair and that the liquid ingress had caused the problem with the screen.

I responded with my concerns and questions. I also noted that the laptop had provided a very poor experience, with ongoing problems (listed below).


25 June: Made a request for speedy resolution, asked for update.


9 July: Asked for an update.


My concerns with this repair call:

- It was examined before my additional USB 3.0 repair request and the LCD issue was found to be a warranty repair (the unit was "assessed by our workshop engineer")

- Claims of liquid ingress were only made after my query about the USB 3.0 ports. But this was a long-term issue that had always been present. Did the supposed liquid ingress stop the USB 3.0 ports (not likely because they worked fine as standard USB ports) from working or the LCD? Was the motherboard always faulty.

- I have no recollection of liquid ingress.


Current siuation: I've maintained that it ought to be a warranty call and pointed out my concerns, but I am now being ignored, it seems.


Ongoing/historical issues with the unit:


1. Arrived with a faulty keyboard. Excessive flex on one side. It took me a while to notice because I use an external keyboard and the ThinkPad rarely leaves my desk. Resolution: replacement keyboard sent for user installation.


2. DVD Combi Drive faulty. Resolution: replacement sent for user installation.


3. Excessive creaking on one side of palm rest - loud and distracting. This is apparently a common issue, according to online forums. Resolution: advised to dismantle unit and to reseat the plam rest. I was sent a service video with instructions, but they could not be of further assistance. This did not really solve the problem.


4. Second keyboard suffers from similar problems and a couple of keys come off. Resolution: replacement keyboard. Problem: sent to an old address despite my best efforts to double-check that they had the right address. I eventually got my hands on that keyboard but did not install it, because one of the screws on the laptop had stripped (they're supposed to be single-use but Lenovo had made me re-use/re-screw them several times already - I eventually got this fixed on the high street, after the LCD issues, in the hope that screen problems were down to something moving out of place). This is why I sent the unit for the current repair with missing keys.


5. USB 3.0 ports seem to be faulty after my checks with different driversm operating systems and USB 3.0 devices. I called tech support and the first person I spoke to argued with me about whether my machine has USB 3.0 ports - that is embarassing for IBM/Lenovo, frankly, since just the machine and model number should confirm that it has 2 x USB 3.0 ports.

I was eventually told that it should be sent to the depot for repair. I cancelled the repair after a few days, when I realised I could not spare the machine for a week or two, especially as the issue was not a major one.


6. The LCD problem above.




In all, I'm extremely disappointed by the whole experience. Foremost, the machine has been extremely disappointing. Consumers pay the ThinkPad premium for the renowned quality and workmanship, as well as the service - I have had quite the opposite of the "legendary" ThinkPad experience with this machine.

Further, the service I have received has been extremely poor. There are 3 instances, each one worse than the other. First, a replacement keyboard was sent to the incorrect address (one I could not access for a few months) despite double-checking on my part (admittedly, I use an external keyboard most of the time, so it was not a huge deal). Second, a service agent arguing with me as to whether my machine had USB 3.0 ports - this is downright ridiculous. Third, the generally poor service this time round, and even more worrying is the fact that they now seem to be ignoring me.


I have worked in customer services (a much smaller company that Lenovo!) and honestly, this sort of thing would just not happen. Not just that it wouldn't be allowed in the company, the staff themselves would not conduct themselves so poorly or carelessly.


Can anyone who has been in a similar position provide some advice?

Thank you!


Blue Screen Again
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Re: Awful customer service - repair stalled, being ignored by Lenovo/CMT team (liquid ingress)

I have exactly same experience with exactly same laptops W510 lenovo needs to replace or refund us


I explained to them that machine has pixelation USB 3:0 is shambles and firwire port is receiving corrupted data.


mening: I am edditing on laptop so I get bad data due to bad motherboard's (all w510) has this problem

so I cant do my work.


ovreheating and shut down.


now answer to my request to help me out is following

I am in charge for the complaint raised for your W510 overheating issue,



""After investigations with our quality team, I have the regret to confirm you that your laptop is not affected by a known quality issue.
Also machine is out of the warranty since October 2011, therefore, it can not be repaired under warranty or replaced/refunded.

Please let me know if you would like to receive a quotation for a billable repair.
Thank you for your understanding""



(understanding of what?)  (investigation with Sherlock? or Dr watson?) (quality team) thats funny

Paper Tape
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Re: Awful customer service - repair stalled, being ignored by Lenovo/CMT team (liquid ingress)

I Think your best off ditching lenovo and all the ibm products available they obviously dont know what customer service is and are trying to screw you over in what ever way they can .


drive your car over it and buy something decent if we all abandon lenovo and ibm then maby then they will realise the customer base they had .


dont get me wrong im not a lenovo hater but the customer service i have recieved is diabolical this one you've got is stupid they dont want happy customers .




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