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Blue Screen Again
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Bad experience with repair center

I have so many complaints with the repair process of my laptop, it's not even funny anymore.
I will start from the beginning, I am sorry for the long read but it was a lengthy and inconvenient experience.



I bought my Lenovo Ideapadz580 February 2013, in February 2014 my laptop wouldn't turn on, it just kept trying to repair itself and shutting down. So, I call the technical support and they tell me I have to send my laptop in and have it repaired and that it would be covered under my warranty, which ended February 7th, (My case was opened February 3rd). Happy to have my laptop fixed I ship it out, and paid 40 dollars to ship it. 

About a week later they recieve my laptop and call me back as well as email me informing me that I would have to pay 360 dollars to have my laptop fixed because there was apparent liquid damage done to it. (Please let me inform you of how unclear they were to me on what exactly was being paid for the be fixed, NOTHING. They weren't clear at all, I went on assuming I was paying for my hard drive, motherboard and memory to be fixed for 360 dollars.)


I decide against arguing with them against my laptop's apparent liquid damage because I didn't see a point as I couldn't prove I never spilled anything on it. 
About a week later, I recieve my laptop back via Fedex, excitedly I open it up and look at my Repair Action Report, which states, "Fix: replace hard drive & reimage".

Without any thought I throw it the paper aside and turn my laptop on. About 20 minutes into it being on I hear strange clicking sounds coming from the bottom. I don't think anything of it because I literally didn't know what it could have been and I was too excited to be back on my laptop. Literally about 8 hours later, I go to turn it back on and it doesn't turn on. Angry and confused I call them back, the say it needs to be sent back in, once again not very clear on why it's not turning on, so I send it back to them. A week later, I recieve my laptop via FedEx, again for the second time. I open it up and look at the Repair action report and notice it states, "Fix: Replaced mainboard, lcd panel, lcd cable, ac adapter, all tests passed including dvd drive."

Wait a second, I think to myself, I thought my mainboard/motherboard was supposed to be fixed the first time I send it in. Slightly angry, I look back at my first repair action report and see no evident they fixed my motherboard the first time they said they were going to. Then I noticed my laptop is making clicking sounds, AGAIN.
I start to panic and google the symptoms. Some things say it could be the fan, other say it is definitely my hard drive. I begin now to try to diangose the issue myself, I use condensed air to gently spray at my fan and the clicking sounds dissipate. Until the next day, when I turn it on and it begins to click again. Confused, I google some more, I even opened a discussion on here to figure it out. Once again, everything points to HDD. I call back, very upset, explaining to the woman my clicking sounds and how I heard them the first time I recieved my laptop back and that I am sick of sending my laptop in to be fixed. But she proceeds to tell me it'll be the only way to figure out what the sound is. So, I send it back in to the repair center for a THIRD time. 


TODAY, 3/20/2014 I recieve my laptop back for the third time, not so excited, I open it up and go immediately to my Repair action report which states, "Replace HDD and reimaged Unit"
Angry, I Call in to technical support. I explain to the guy all of my past cases and issues and I tell him I want my 360 dollars back for the inconvenience I have endured. He tells me he can't. Confused, and angry I ask to speak to a suprivsor. 


This is where I get the most angry I have been during this whole experience.
The suprivsor informs me that I paid 360 to have my motherboard and memory replaced, and that my hard drive was still covered under the warranty. No one was clear to me on that in the first place, and I do understand now that I was paying for the parts of my motherboard and memory since that is what had "liquid damage" done to it.
But wait a second, if I paid for my motherboard and memory the first time I sent my laptop in, then why does my FIRST repair action report only state my hard drive was replaced. He continues to tell me that my motherboard was INDEED replaced the very first time, dispite the fact MY repair action report does NOT state it was. THIS is a complete inconveniece on it's own. To carry on with even more carelessness on Lenovo's part, I tell him that my SECOND repair action report states my motherboard was replaced. He looks at his version of the report and says it was. Apparently, my motherboard was replaced TWICE. 
This is where I have my utmost complaints. I send my laptop in to the repair center THREE times because THE FIRST time I send it in they do not fix it properly. My motherboard and HDD were replaced TWICE becuase they did not replace them correctly the first time I sent it in.

All I ask is for my money back that I paid to have it replaced, and they refuse me. 
The suprivsor sent in a case about my money back, and I will apparently hear from them in 3 days about it, but I have a great feeling they will still deny me.


Please, someone tell me I am correct when I say I deserve my money back. I paid them to replace my motherboard and memory and they failed to inform me they replaced it as well as the fact they needed to replace it again because it wasn't replaced properly the first time.
All I want is my money back. I did not pay for such terrible, unclear and unprofessional services. 
In fact, If It was clear to me that I was only paying for my motherboard and memory to be replaced I would have went somewhere else to have them replaced. somewhere I could trust the people working on my laptop to do their job correctly. This is not about the amount I payed, its about the horrendous services I experienced.

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Re: Bad experience with repair center

I am really disapointed with their service, especially in my case, for a  new yogabook tablet that start to show problems after a couple days of use. It's the second time i get to send it back, i received it after the first repair so badly packed that i am surprised that it was still even working. I resent it back again after a couple month of use than i received three different messages saying contrary informations. At this stage of bad communication with their services i'm even doubting that i'll ever get a functionning device. I'm furious and i want my money back.

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