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Battery Question

Hi There,


I have a quick question regarding battery care for my ThinkPad T410s. I want to leave my laptop plugged in and on hibernate every day as I don't move it from my office very often. I would prefer not to remove the battery as I know it helps prevent power damage from power surges. Does the life of the battery decrease if I leave it plugged in at a 100% charge.



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Re: Battery Question

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to extend the life of your battery, you might want to discharge it to around 45% and set the charging thresholds in thinkvantage power manager to range between 35 and 95%.   when you're ready to travel, simply discharge it to 35% and let it charge back up.


see ken's post here for more info on battery longevity:

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Re: Battery Question

I don't think having the battery in protects you from surges.
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Re: Battery Question

It will protect the computer from blackout and brown out but not surges. You would need a surge protector for that.

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