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Bye Lenovo or why I will never by a Thinkpad again


ok here is the story....


I bought a T410s on 5/2010 in Japan. It was brand new on the market at that time.

Shortly after that, I noticed a display stripe. I send it in for repair, but no error was found.

After that I used the machine for almost 10 month without problems.

Then, I noticed a crack in the palmrest and claimed warranty repair at Lenovo Germany (I was in Germany at that time).

They promised me to send in a package to return the machine to one of the repair centre.

This package never arrived.

Finally, I moved back to Japan and was busy with work (the crack was more cosmetic nature and hence I did not care that much about it) until I noticed the very common stripes in the display. I figured out that this was a very very common problem. I called Lenovo Japan and they simply told me my machine is now 13 month old and out of warranty. There is nothing they could do.

I told them about the early attempt to send it in but they claimed they could not deal with German services from within Japan. I told them to make an exception taking that both defects are well known design errors, which unlikely other companies would offer a recall for.

Nothing, they said the Lenovo policy does not allow any exception and they have to follow them strictly.

I came to this forum and over a period of 6 month JameZ was very nice and helpfull and tried to get something moved internally but he reported that the Japanese branch even did not reply to him (so much for internal communication).

Finally he moved on to a different job and told me to contact Mark_Lenovo. I did that twice but either he never got my mails or he did not care.


Ok, so here is the thing, we paid almost $2000 for a machine which did not last a year. Every discounter laptop does a better job!!! 

It seems the former IBM service, well known for great help and support, turns into crap under Lenovos guidance.

Why ever in the world would I by a Thinkpad again?

I was happily paying almost double compared to other vendors because I know from 15 years expierence about the quaility and service for IBM Thinkpads. These times seem to be gone...


Lenovo turned the Thinkpad line just into another unamed cheapish product with no support and no help


Bye Lenovo,




Lenovo Staff
Lenovo Staff
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Re: Bye Lenovo or why I will never by a Thinkpad again

Hi Torwag,

I'm sympathetic to the problems you are facing. As you mentioned dealing with Jamez earlier, I found your details. Let me see what I can help after having a discussion with Mark. However, i must say it is really difficult in this situation.

If you still have the case number when you claimed warranty in Germany, that will be very helpful.

Best regards,

T410, x240

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Punch Card
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Re: Bye Lenovo or why I will never by a Thinkpad again



Shortly after my post I was contacted by Cleo and after some mail corresponds, I received a phone call from Lenovo Japan. They told me they will do an exception and repair the device.

A few days later the device was send in via a pickup service.

A week or so later I got a call that the repair will delay since parts are not in stock.

Yesterday after  (after more then 4 weeks) I finally received the unit back.

Palmrest and display are exchanged...

It took almost 8 month from defect to repair, with many frustrating calls, mails and anger.


Cross fingers that I can now continue to work with the device, without problems.




Thinkpads are not as reliable as they was. Service is not as tolerant as it was.

Price of Thinkpads dropped more close to what you pay for other vendors.

Take the extra money and get your warranty to max (check for on-spot service). If you are going to use the device for X years get a X years warranty.

That's the only way to make sure you will have less trouble if the **bleep** hits the fan!





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