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CSR quality going downhill as of late

2012-05-17, 21:28 PM

As a technician I need to call into the "Remote Technical Support, located in Atlanta, GA" on a frequent basis.


Most of the time I've been greeted by a friendly agent who spoke clear english (Sometimes with an Southern drawl but it's understandable) and were friendly in the way they took my call.


Lately though I've been greeted by people with foreign accents, who rush through the call as quick as possible and frequently cut me off.


I know there are labor laws in place, equal oportunity, you can't hire based on race etc etc.

Yes they can perfrom the basics of the job, but I know very well from years of phone support myself that it's more about customer service than technical support. 


If I as a technician who deals with this stuff on a daily basis am annoyed by the lack of customer service from these people then think of how this looks to an average end-user.


Even if the news is disastrous your person on the phone needs to reassure the customer that they personally care about that customers issue. 


If you treat them like their this big *Hold fingers up close together* then they can't be blamed for going to Dell or HP.



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