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Punch Card
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Location: Wasaga Beach,Ontario, Canada
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Calling all TPF people!!

           I have a couple of questions for the people on the forum.( not this forum). I tried to register on that forum ( don't know if you guys want me there or not but...) they wouldn't let me in because I have a  e-mail address. ( dang it!!) I don't know if one of you guys could talk to Bill Morrow over there and let him know i'm a legitimate fellow so I can get in.
        Thanks in advance!
         Drinking my diet Pepsi,
                                    dietpepsiaddictSmiley Wink
Bit Torrent
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Re: Calling all TPF people!!

i forgot who is the moderator here that also helps Bill Morrow on the on approving user registration.... i forgot if it was JHEM or someone else......
Community SuperMod
Community SuperMod
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Re: Calling all TPF people!!

That would be me, and I've send diet some suggestions for complying with Bill's requirements.  TPF is a very tightly controlled forum, and Bill has some rules that he's found that work for him in maintaining the forum the way he needs it to be maintained.


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Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator
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Re: Calling all TPF people!!

hello diet pepsi guy..
of course you can register..
the registration agreement says that some free email providers are prohibited from registering and that if a legit user wants to still use a free email all he need do is to send me an email..
in the reply i will explain how to get registered..
the reason for that rule is it keeps MOST spambots out..
i, and nonny, inspect each new user and delete those who obviously are associated with porn, spammers and the like..
i email those who fail to enter their location correctly or otherwise need help and try to sort it out for them..
you, and ANYONE are welcome and always have been but you need to first send me an email so i can see that you are NOT a spambot..
its that simple..  Smiley Happy
i really don't want to explain all the tweaks i have made to reduce bots from registering so as to not let those jerks who write and distribute bots in on my small efforts to control them..
i hope this explains how you can join in the fun at TPF..
Bill Morrow, kept by parrots
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Punch Card
Posts: 44
Registered: ‎02-03-2008
Location: Wasaga Beach,Ontario, Canada
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Re: Calling all TPF people!!

       ThanksSmiley Happy I appreciate that and will get back to you soon!
        Drinking my diet Pepsi,
                                   dietpepsiaddictSmiley Wink

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