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Can't get my CSR to update me on my case!


I have struggled over whether to write this but I'm at my wits end trying to get my Customer Service Rep to call (or email) me back with an update as to my case.  I expect he is REAL busy with a huge caseload and as I understand it, under the weather of late, but a dozen unreturned (very courteous) calls and emails is simply not acceptable.  This was escalated to him over a month ago now (I'm going on 3-month w/o a working unit) and after several failed attempts to repair the unit he asked if he could replace it instead.  I agreed; that was three weeks ago.  We agreed on a replacement unit.  I last heard from him over a week ago and I expect he's working on it, but I simply need and update.  This unit is a business tool for me not a toy and being w/o it has hurt my productivity greatly. I have a big business trip coming up the second week in June and REALLY need this resolved before I leave. Any suggestions on moving this along? - Randy

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Re: Can't get my CSR to update me on my case!



Thanks for letting us know - sounds like you have been pretty patient.


Can you shoot me a PM with the details on the issue and any case numbers and names you might have.  Please include your own contact info as well.


I'll see what we can do to move this along on Monday.



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