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What's DOS?
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Card charged 4 times but no No order created

I unlike many people with this issue am a resident and citizen of the United States with a bank and job inside the usa. I had 10 grand in the bank and friday i tried to purchase ONE Y530 my order failed to authorize blaming the credit card issuer. Well the transaction was not stopped by the bank. It hit my bank TWICE. So i call customer service and he proceeds to act like hes never heard of a problem like this and wants to help me complete my order so i allow it which puts a THIRD charge with no order. So he then tells me his ccollegue is having the same issue so they have a back up system when the main system goes down so he offers to try the alternate system assuring me ita not linked to the other system guess what still doeant work so now i have 4 thousand dollars gone from my acct. I was transferred to the credit dept who was outside the usa and very rude. My bank at this point had given me a fax number that if Lenovo just faxes a letter stating what has happened and release the funds my bank will INSTANTLY make sure my money is in my acct. Well the credit card dept for lenovo REFUSED to fax my bank saying they dont need yo do that and itd be fixed within a ew hours..... well it wasnt so i go tl my bank and the bank manager tries to talk to customer service who tells her it will be 24-48 hours but then says 3-5 business days then goes back to saying 24-48 hours. My bank manager proceeds to ask if she can speak with the credit card dept so she can provide them with the fax number to instantly release my funds SHE REFUSED TO TRANSFER MY BANK MANAGER!!!! So at this point im livid and she puts me on the phone i repeatedly request to either speak with the manager of her department or the credit dept she REFUSED saying oh no i see it here your bank funds have already been released my bank manager checks and NO THEY HAVENT we go in circles like this for 5 more minutes before i give up and hang up on the service agent. So then i go and buy the pc i wanted from best buy for MORE. I  get a discount woth Lenovo through my job my purchase was SUPPOSED TO BE $993.40 for the Y530 and the 3 yr warranty and the 3 yr accident protection and tax.... i got to pay$1,029+ tax and no warranty at best buy bc their protections would have been over $300. I get home checc my acct still no money i call lenovo and finally speak to a manager who BLAMED MY BANK its not my bank. Its noy my location. Its not my email ITS YOU LENOVO. So now its monday morning i still dont hace my money returned to my acct and im supposed to havr a call back from escalations at lenovo at 4pm today about giving me the warranties i should have gotten for free now bc ive spent 5k on this stupid situation and will hopefully get my money back but still had to pay more. There is no viable excuse for this company's behavior. I own a youtube channel and i will be doing an extensive review and warning to the public about your company, billing system, and services. And yall can sugar coat your "holds" all you want but the fact is my money is not in my account! Ive worked in customer service anf billing for  a decade. There is no viable reason for your company to withold funds on transactions that were NEVER completed. Anyone with a brain knows that holding of our money makes you money. 

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Re: Card charged 4 times but no No order created

Hello and welcome to the Community,


I can see there is an order in the system using the email address you used to register your Community account, there is as you stated a Y530, ADP and a warranty upgrade. Did you check your spam folder, it's possible that the confirmation landed in there?


@syriansoaper wrote:

So now its monday morning i still dont hace my money returned to my acct and im supposed to havr a call back from escalations at lenovo at 4pm today

Which part of the US are you in please? You last posted at 03:33 AM Eastern and I'll need to pass on which 4pm time zone is meant




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Punch Card
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Re: Card charged 4 times but no No order created

I had the same Problem! and I'm fromx canada


I tried to purchase a lenovo YOGA 730, using multiple cards. I tried 4 times with my debit card, putting $200 dollars and the remaining amount on my credit card. The transaction did not go through. afterwards, I was able to place the order with just ONE card because they were unable to accept multiple cards(even though that is an option) 


Later, when I checked my bank account, I see 4 charges of 200 dollars equaling to 800 hundred. How  did they deduct 800 dollars when my card was declined? there was however no charges on my credit card for the failed orders.


This is clearly a common problem but lenovo is absolutely incompetent at resolving it. I've never in my life dealt with such confused and disorganized customer service. I've been going back and forth with them since monday(March 5), and was only able to get a refund of 200 dollars out of the 800. when I called them today, they said they have successfully reversed the full amount, and it is up to my bank. However, I have never experienced this kind of mess with TD, this is all lenovo and their terrible refund system's fault.  



What's DOS?
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Re: Card charged 4 times but no No order created

I am in Eastern time that has NO BEARING on my issue in the slightest. Im always awake @3am as i work third shift. I had gotten with them first thing when they opened and was repeatedly lied yo about when the charges would be reversed. So time zone is not relevent . My issue has now been resolved and i was also compenaatedcompensated for pating more at best buy by lenovo giving me 3 yr warranty and 3yr accident protection in addition to my full refund.

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