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Cashback Advice - Helpful Service Now!!

Like many here I found the Cashback system problematic ,

However eventually I found the correct web-site but only after help from the very helpful Cashback service company, "OPIA" who have a help line on 0843 3179318.


The web-site to use for CASHBACK is:-


For those who took the Summer tablet offer there is a big splash, CLICK ON THAT, - and then on the next page at the top there is a "Make Claim" tab. Click there and off you go!!


If you have your purchase receipt with the date, receipt number and also our product serial number then the site is easy to use. The site does use a drop-down for date of purchase whihc limits ou to onl the "valid dates" in terms of the 30-60 day time window after purchase. IF outside these you need to talk to the OPIA people to get them to represnt our case to Lenova.. and just submit the claim using the earliest date on the Drop Down.


I ended up just outside the 60 day claim limit due to the problems I had 

a) Finding the right claim web-site.

b) Going down the right claim path.

However the firm servcing the claims contacted Lenovo with my appeal to have my claim considered and were back with the hour and AGREED TO HONOUR THE CLAIM,.. very helpful!!


From submitting claim to claim verification e-mail was just 2 hours.


The firm servicing this is NEW on the job, .. and is delivering a helpful and fast service.


So thank you Lebovo, and "OPIA" the Cashback marketing and claims company!


BUT , am still not too happy withth enforced 30 day wait, then the 60 day cut-off.. why not enable the claim at point of sale??

(Well OPIA is honest about why this is employed .. on their web-site the attraction of Cashbank instead of discount for suppliers is clearly admitted .. ".. with Cashback .... , it will cost you a fraction of a traditional price discount and will typically result in a far greater uplift.". Yes. put simply, not everyone remembers to claim,  and if they set an awkward claim time window (this one is from 30 days after purchase and no later than 60 days after) then they filter out a good number of claims.

Let us hope the Lenovo marketing team have enough savvy about social media and the current marketplace to allow those claimants who waken after day 61 to the fact they forgot their claim!

IF you are in that category, worth asking the nice folks at OPIA to get Lenovoto approve our late claim.


As for me I am a happy bunny, Lenovo actioned my claim! THANK YOU !!

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