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Punch Card
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Re: Cashback offer questions

I received an e-mail on the 7 Feb, which stated:


 I am sorry to inform you that your registration must not have been successful, as there is no trace of your data in our system.


Funny old thing, the view that this is a scam also rings true with me, I am now busy contacting internet forums, and consumer programmes to see if they are aware of this.

Former Administrator
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Re: Cashback offer questions



This is not a scam - as noted by some others if you read all the way through this thread, payments are being received, although they have been delayed.


Our partner (OPIA) who is working to clear the remaining backlog has said they expect to get the outstanding payments cleared by the end of this month.   We are reviewing status with them at regular intervals to ensure progress.


I apologize to all, who have been frustrated by these processing delays - I agree that this has not been a good experience, but I am sure it will be resolved, and lessons learned so it will be addressed promptly in the future.


Can you send me a private message with your personal contact information and your order number?   I will pass it along to the team overseeing the program.   Hopefully we can sort this out for you.


Best regards,



Punch Card
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Re: Cashback offer questions

Believe me Mark, I am well aware of the content of these forums, it has been my sole source of feedback for the past five weeks.

My problem is the e-mail I received on the 7 Feb, simply stating my application, this despite e-mails to various departments all of which passed me to another department, these being on the 24, and 31 Jan, 1 Feb, 2 Febn and 7 Feb, I sent my details and copies of invoices.


I have PM'd my details.Thank you for your interest.

Paper Tape
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Re: Cashback Problems



Guess what. I just rang the German number and got through to reception, and the lady there told me that she's been told there is nobody to speak to about the Lenovo Cashback scheme in the whole organistion, and I should....send an email !!!


Mark, I'll PM my detials across to you in the hope that you may be able to at least tell me if my claim is in the system.


Many Thanks


Duncan Wellington

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Re: Cashback Problems

Adyc, Welly,




As I've escalated up a few of these for review, it seems there is a 30 day window post purchase after which you can file for the cashback (must submit between 30 and 60 days after purchase), and then payment should follow within the next 56 days.   (personal note, not sure why 56 and not 60).


So, some of these being escalated are within the month of purchase which may be why they aren't being recognized.


I'm sure everyone has visited the site and read the terms.  Here's the link ->


I realize that there are some that have been waiting and are in the backlog that is being actively worked and so I am not discounting your concerns.  I just wanted to highlight the link to ensure that those who are less than 30 days are aware.







Former Employee
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Re: Cashback Problems

Dear all,


Cash Back promotion is in progress and all payments will be payed from the external vendor, the company Opia Ltd. soonest. Most of the outstanding payments have been already processed, but we are working hard to ensure that all payments will be paid as soon as possible to all customers.

All claims should be processed by the end of February.

Shouldn't you still received the payment, after this timeframe, please contact with your contact information.

Lenovo apologizes for the inconvenience caused due delay in payments.

Best Regards,



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Punch Card
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Re: Cashback Problems



Could you let me know the status of my claim please, is it being processed?

Paper Tape
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Re: Cashback offer questions

Mr Azizi,


Have you now received your cashback?  I am very interested to know as I am in a similar situation.  Despite receiving several emails from Lenovo Cashback Team since early January confirming that the cashback would be paid in a matter of days, the cashback still has not been paid.  I was not aware that a Global company like Lenovo would resort to such thrid rate business tactics.  To be quite honest, I am now not very hopeful of receiving the cashback at all, but I am absolutely certain that I, my family members and friends will stay well clear of Lenovo.  I am very frustrated and disappointed.  



Fanfold Paper
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Re: Cashback offer questions

I work for a small charity in the UK and I buy Lenovo PCs as our standard PC.  I've sent off several of these cashback offers recently and it has proved to be a lot of hassle to get the money. After claiming for four PCs in October and two more in November, I have at last got my £300 back in the last week. It took several phone calls and emails to get this far though, and I'm dismayed that the company is now based in Germany with no phone number.

  I logged another claim for two PCs yesterday -after filling in the first part of the form I got a confirmation email, but this was before  I'd sent the invoice -after I'd sent that, I got no further email to confirm receipt so I emailed them and asked if they'd received it. As you might expect I got no reply. As they state "Please send us the final customer invoice for the new equipment within the next 7 days, unless you have already uploaded it when you registered. Without a proof of purchase your order will be cancelled"- however they don't say that they'll notify you, so I've no way of knowing if my order has been cancelled.  I had this happen before when I claimed on an offer which required me to buy the 3 year warranty as well. I filled in the on-screen form but at no point did it ask me for any proof of purchase for the warranty pack. So I phoned them  and asked if I'd filled it in correctly and they said they'd check and ring me back. They didn't ring back so IKassumed things were OK. Two months later when I queried the claim they said they'd received it but as I'd filled in the wrong form the claim had been disallowed. But now it was beyond the 60 days they wouldn't let me put in a fresh claim! After a little bit of firm persuasion they did agree to allow the claim, but this way of handling things is very poor and gives Lenovo a bad name, even though the promotions are not handled by them directly. I can see why some claim it is a scam, as it does have all the hallmarks one  -  Lenovo don't do themseleves any favours by  outsourcing these offers to companies who have no stake in Lenovos reputation..

What's DOS?
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Re: Cashback offer questions

Hello, Please could you help me?  I have not received £100 cashback for a Lenovo Laptop and they are not responding to my emails?





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