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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Cashback offer questions


Thanks Smiley Happy



Paper Tape
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Problems claiming £100 cashback



In November 2010 I purchased a thinkpad edge and took advantage of the £100 cashback offer.

I submitted my claim in December on the website and I haven't received any response or cashback.

I have twice tried emailing the contact address shown on the website but I am not getting a response.

Does anyone know of another email or telephone number to contact so I can get this cashback issue resolved?



Punch Card
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Cashback Problems


I have submitted my claim as required by the terms of the offer, but have not had anything to confirm it has been received despite e-mails to various areas of Lenovo. They did reply to one e-mail to give me a phone number that just rang out. I am just waiting for Lenovo to say they won't accept as it is outside the 30 days, when it is them that are simply not replying to my queries. Can anybody help with this before I pursue the Citizens Advice Route, looking at the forums I am not the only person having problems with this.

Paper Tape
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Re: Cashback Problems



I have emailed the following address and I got a speedy reply.


Apparantly my cashback should be paid later this week. I will let you know if it appears.



Punch Card
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Re: Cashback Problems

Thanks I will try that.
Punch Card
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Re: Cashback Problems

No success with that, fobbed off to yet another department. Customer Service, I don't think Lenovo will see any more of my custom.

What's DOS?
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Re: Cashback Problems



Same problem in the Netherlands. I purchased a Lenovo laptop too.

Filled in the forms, got a confirmation and after that..... nothing.


Called Lenovo, Netherlands. A Belgium lady called me back the same day that the problem was solved and I would receive my 50 euro within 5 days. I asked for a casenumber, contact of somekind but she could not give that.


Now 2 weeks later, no money.....


Lenovo = cheating & Frauds!

Former Employee
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Re: Cashback Problems

Hi hjanholts,

Sorry you would have to go through that as well. Did she mention how the 50 euro would be transfer to you? I will escalate this issue to the complaints management team, appreciate if you could PM me the following.

Model Type:
Serial Number:
Date of Purchase:

Paper Tape
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Re: Cashback Problems



At least you got a response - I bought a Lenove Edge 15 laptop with £100 cashback for my daugheter's Christmas present on 8th December and have been trying to claim the cashback ever since the 30 days has elapsed.


I rang the UK customer service number and got told it was nothing to do with them and to email


I did this and got no reply whatsoever. I tried to submit the claim again and got an email asking me to fax the proof of purchase over to them, which I did, and then have heard nothing. I can't beleive that an organisation as large as this can treat customers this way.


Wherever I go to try and speak to somebody, I just got told to email and that's it.


Can anybody help me ? Either with a name or telephone nu,ber I can contact somebody on ?


Many Thanks


Duncan Wellington

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Re: Cashback Problems



We are looking into this further - I know that there have been some delays and Lenovo has brought in a new partner to help get these processed.  This has been reported in the German forum as well, and some progress is evident as some customers have posted that they have received their cashback.


I appreciate your patience as I know you have been waiting and are a bit frustrated....


Best regards,



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