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Paper Tape
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Complaint about Israel service provider


As much as I love Lenovo computers, and use them for professional use for the past 5-6 years and buy them for all my employees, 
I won’t ever buy a Lenovo in Israel (and of course wont suggest it anymore) as long as the service provider stays "CPM computer services" , as they are simply useless, and I actually lost money because of their inability to give service.

The longer version:
I want to make a complaint about your Israel warranty service provider  - CPM computer services.

I bought a 520S ideapad (with i7 processor) from an official local supplier (KSP israel) which I'm familiar with and trust,
after a few weeks the laptop stopped booting and I couldn't start it (happens, I know, I didn’t panic..)
As the computer was a few weeks old I've contacted the official service provider CPM which picked up the computer after a few days, and sent me an email that the computer was received.

Since that moment I haven't heard from them for almost a month, until I contacted them just to hear they are still "working on it"
I've been calling them each week since then, to find out they don’t know what is the problem - so finally I've convinced them to supply me a new computer, so they offered me a new idea pad with a worse spec than the one I had, and couldn't understand why I rejected their "generous" offer.

After a week or so, they decided to give me a full refund, which I'm still waiting for after another month (3'rd month without a computer).
the bottom line is that I really like Lenovo computers and I use them at work for the past 5-6 years, but unfortunate I won’t ever by a Lenovo computer in Israel as long as this is the service provider, which I know won’t be able to help me in case of any problem.

I'm making this complaint as I strongly suggest replacing this amateur company with a real service provider which matches the great reputation of the brand.

If you have any question I'd love to talk to someone about this.

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Re: Complaint about Israel service provider

Hello Mpmisha, welcome to the Community,


I was able to find your case in our systems and don't believe the fault can be attributed to CPM. I've asked for someone to reach out to you and expect you will be hearing from someone soon.


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Paper Tape
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Re: Complaint about Israel service provider

Thanks for the quick replay,
first of all thanks for forwarding it to the relevant people, I hope it can be resolved in a better manner,
secondly, just to make myself a bit clearer,
I wasn't complaining about the solutions itself, I know hardware sometimes has it faults, and needs to be fixed/replaced (I'm a developer myself so I had my fair share of bugs and faults to handle)
I was complaining about the service I got, the amount of time it took to handle each lag of the process, the lack of communication from the service provider (I had to call them in order to get answers/status updates), and each time I wanted answers i got the same answer : "we have a meeting sometimes by end of the week, and then someone will contact you"
(needless to say, nobody called, and only when I picked up the phone be sometime the week after, they told me that still they do not know what to say) this exact case happened twice in a month.

Anyway, looking forward to hear from you.

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