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Fanfold Paper
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Customer Service Complaints regarding a laptop that was purchased defected

Subject: Customer Service Complaints regarding a laptop that was purchased defected


Dear Sirs,


I want to express my complaints regarding your company’s procedures on service as well as your customer support office located in Athens / Greece. Below I summarize my actions / communication with your company from the minute I received my laptop (30-3-3) until today (6-4-16), which I hope you will evaluate and answer to my questions.



Last week (29-3-16) I ordered online a Lenovo Yoga laptop which arrived next day (30-3-16) at my office via courier. 

When I opened for the first time the laptop I noticed the product was defected since it had some dead pixels on the screen.



I called the online shop from which I purchased the product and they informed me that I should contact Lenovo’s customer support. I immediately called the Lenovo customer support and then the service department  and they asked for my contact details in order to send me an e-mail to which I should reply by sending some photos of the defected part, my laptop’s serial number and the purchase receipt. I replied to this e-mail within the next hour, stating clearly that the product was purchased with this problem and since I have DOA I request a new laptop or refund of my money. To confirm my e-mail was received I called again the customer support and they informed me that my e-mail was received but in cases of DOA your service department must first inspect my product, so they will send a courier next day in order to pick up my laptop.


The courier came and my laptop was delivered at Lenovo’s service department (Tavros / Greece) on Friday 1-4-16. On the same date I spoke with your service department  in order to check the next steps of my case. Your employee notified me that following the inspection of my product from your service department there are two possible scenarios. The first is to recognize that the product is defected and send it back to me in order to return it to the seller and get a new product and the second to conclude that the dead pixels on the screen are less than six and hence are not covered by the warranty so I have to pay for the service.

I objected stating that it is not possible to ask the client to pay for the service of a product that arrived defected from your factory and the answer I got was that this is the worldwide policy of your company!

I then asked to speak with a service department manager to express my complains but I received a negative answer, so I called your central offices in Greece in order to speak with the complaints manager. Since he was not available and I left my contact details in order to call me back. This happened last Friday (1-4-16) and until today (6-4-16) he has not returned my call, so I called again but he was again not available. I kindly asked the secretary to speak with anyone else from the customer service / complaints department and the answer I got was that there is only one person I can speak with and he will call me when he is available.


From last Friday until today I have spent more than two hours, calling every single day your service department in order to check the progress of my case and just today was notified that the service / inspection of a product takes on average 10-12 business days!


To conclude, about a week ago I bought a brand new laptop which came with some dead pixels on the screen. I completely understand that this is part of the business and sometimes defected products may pass your quality control.

What I am struggling to understand is:

  1. How it is even possible to ask a customer to pay for the service of a product which was purchased defected?
  2. Why the inspection of a brand new product takes on average 10-12 working days?

The feedback I have from friends and co-workers is that in cases of DOA, other brands such as Dell and Microsoft return a brand new product within one or two business days.

3. Why it takes so long (4 working days and counting) in order to speak with an authorized person from your company in Greece in order to express my complaints and discus all the above?



If this is not the right place for the above enquiries, please let me know for the e-mail of the contact person I should contact in Greece or abroad


Thanks for your help

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Re: Customer Service Complaints regarding a laptop that was purchased defected

Hello athensgr, welcome to the community,


sorry to have to read about your experience so far.  If you disagree with the conclusions of a service partner or depot you can ask for your case to be escalated to the complaints department.  In order to do this you need to call the support number for your product and country, with your current case number, and request the agent to escalate your case to a complaint, they will then be able to explain the following procedure to you.


Alternativel I am willing to open a complaint on your behalf if you could please send me the following information by private message;


Full Name;
Telephone No.; +
email address;
System Type;
System s/n;

Date of purchase;
Case Numbers;


Also, for your information, Lenovo's policy for defective pixels can be found through the following link;


Thanks in advance




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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Customer Service Complaints regarding a laptop that was purchased defected

Hello Andy,


Thank you for your prompt reply.


My problem is that unlike other countries, in Greece, Lenovo has only one office which does not sell nor is responsible for the service  of any products.


Specifically, as your website indicates there are some authorized business partners from which we can purchase your products:

I therefore bought my laptop from

As the business partner explained to me, following the delivery of the product he is not responsible for any problem or defect it might had, so I had to send it to one of the authorized service departments which I found at your website:

I sent my laptop to CPI service. (1st on the list)


Following the above, I tried to call your central offices in Athens (Lenovo Technology B.V.- Greece Branch) at +302130087200 in order to express my complaints on several issues of my initial message and to escalate mu case  to the complaints department . For about a week now I called them several times, but other than the secretary who is answering the calls there is no one available to speak with. I left my contact details several times and asked the complaints manager (Mr. Iliadis) to call me back, but he has not return my calls for about a week now. I was surprised when I heard just yesterday that the complaints department consists of one person only(!) and there is nothing I can do other than wait until he returns my call.


As you probably understand from the above, I purchased I defected product which I immediately sent for inspection & replacement and for over a week now I am without laptop and after several attempts I cannot even talk with someone from Lenovo Greece in order to express my complaints and escalate my case.

The worse part is that I don’t even know when I will have my laptop back and if there is a probability to pay(!) for the service of a product that was purchased defected.


To answer to your question, yes I will immediately send you via private message the information you require in order for you to open a complaint on my behalf and I hope that my case will be resolved soon.


I also hope that your company will evaluate and take actions for the terrible customer support / service in Greece, since it is by far the worse experience I have ever had with computers or other electronic products.


Thank you once again for your help

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