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Fanfold Paper
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Customer Service

Lenovo's customer service is an absolute disgrace.

Two weeks ago I returned a laptop still under warranty to you for repair. I have received no information from you on the progress of the repair.

I called your customer service team four times yesterday and on each occasion I was promised I would receive a call back today. On the third occasion, I called at 16:45 and was told a supervisor would call me back within the hour. I've received no call back - and each time your colleague just shrugs, says sorry they have no record of any such request, and that they will arrange another callback.

This is the second time I have had to return to you my laptop, which I bought from you 11 months ago and has been subject to below average use. First time. the hard disc was replaced. Now, I am, told the keyboard and the charging unit will have to be replaced. The machine is obviously not fit for purpose and I should have been offered a replacement when you received the laptop a week ago and the diagnosis was carried out.

It's not good enough. The service is absolutely terrible. I do not see why I should have to go several weeks without a laptop, when it is under warranty, less than a year old and not performing.

I would welcome a chance to discuss this with someone – but as you never respond I don’t suppose it will happen.

Fanfold Paper
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Location: UK
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Re: Customer Service

So I have just at last had a call from a supervisor.

I am told I shouldnt have expected a call back yesterday because this normally takes 24 hours. How strange that each of the four operators i spoke to yesterday told me otherwise.

On the length of time it is taking to repair a unit that has already had to be returned before for repair, i was constantly referred to the letter that I was sent - and told that i ought to read it carefully as it says that repairs take up to 10 working days. So for me to expect any sort of communication before that period had elapsed was unreasonable.

I have read the letter carefully and it says 'We aim to complete all repairs within 10 workign days from receipt .... most repairs are completed well within this timeframe ....' . So the suggestion that 10 days is the norm contradicts this advice.

And how am i meant to know whwn the 10-day period starts when I do not know when the unit has been received. I returned mine on Tuesday and it was received on the following Monday.

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