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Blue Screen Again
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Customer Support Help

Laptops from lenovo feel solid and look great but I am regretting ordering a lenovo.  I ordered a T420 laptop, but it arrived defective.  Since then I have called into tech support and they wanted me to send it in for repairs, but I purchased a 3 year onsite warranty which still is not active on my computer.  It took them a few days to run an exemption through and setup and in home service on the laptop, but the service (replacing the motherboard) did not fix the problem.  I called in again and asked about exchanging my laptop and getting a working one since I am still in the first 21 days after the purchase.  But after 4 days of waiting to hear back from lenovo called in and heard a recorded message that since it is the weekend I will have to wait until Monday to call back.  It has already been 2.5 weeks that I've been trying to get a brand new laptop fixed replaced.  


Who do I need to talk to, to get anything done?