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Fanfold Paper
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Déjà vu - I want out of the Lenovo Business - #2

That's right!  After reading Alex's post below on this forum I feel like I have experienced the same pathetic level of support as he with my Lenovo T410s:


I purchased the Lenovo T410s with confidence knowing that Lenovo must be a good company since they seem to be taughting the reliability and durability of their product along with a 3 year 'apparently Very Very limited' warranty.


The laptop worked great for several months.  Eight months to be exact.


After that, the laptop started displaying some strange virtical colored lines on part of the screen.   When I had the chance, I filed an RMA with Lenovo and they sent me a padded box and return label.  I got the laptop back and the line problem was gone.


After a several weeks, I noticed a black smudge on the top right-hand corner of my screen.  I'm a busy person and didn't want to have to send the laptop in again for an RMA because I need to use it to work. So, I ignored it until I noticed that the smudge was growing.  It was almost 2 inches long and a half an inch wide and creeping towards the middle of the screen.  I called up Lenovo and filed an RMA.  They sent me a padded box and return label.  I packed it up and mailed it to them.


One week later, Lenovo's customer service person, Angela, called me to let me know that the bezel was damaged, the back of the screen was damaged, and the smudge was now across two-thirds of the screen. Just like in Alex's post, they practically accused me of damaging the laptop prior to mailing it. They also said that since I had waited past the 90-days since the last repair of the screen  that it would cost me $950.00 for damages not covered under warranty. 


I suspect that he screen was damaged during the last repair, but it just took a while to show up so pronounce on the visable screen.  After going back and forth with Angela trying to get them to cover this under warranty, she would not budge one inch and said that Lenovo has a strict policy pf not covering any repair past 90 days.


I told her that I purchase a lot of laptops for my company and that she could either send me the laptop back repaired and maintain Lenovo's reputation with me and my company or send it back un-repaired and I will re-evauluate doing business with Lenovo in the future.  She said that she would send the laptop back un-repaired.


So, I have a defective laptop that's still in their service department with an apparently usless warranty that is good until July 31, 2013.


Is this how Lenovo treats its customers?


BTW, your spell checker on this forum doesn't know the word Lenovo.


Alex... I feel your pain!


Another Extremely Unsatisfied customer,




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Re: Déjà vu - I want out of the Lenovo Business - #2

hey Nostradamus,


could PM to me the following ::


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Fanfold Paper
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Location: Atlanta, GA, USA
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Re: Déjà vu - I want out of the Lenovo Business - #2

Hi Serge,


  Thanks for your reply.  PM has been sent.



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