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Paper Tape
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Delivery delays by UPS carier

UPS delivery performance from China to UK - not acceptable.

Delivery late by more >5 working days (in 2 of 2 separate purchases of ThinkPad laptops in 2017 & 2018)   

UPS delivery TRACKING info - inaccurate 

No REVISED ETA given (after original  delivery was date missed).   

Overall, Lenovo shipping date - no issues. Excellent ThinkPad laptops but ... let down by very poor freight forwarder (UPS)    

Paper Tape
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Re: Delivery delays by UPS carier

I am in the same situation (laptop stuck in Shanghai), and hope that others can tell us if they are also delayed like this.

I ordered a Thinkpad T480 on 9th Aug, delivery scheduled to the UK for 29th Aug, confirmed on UPS tracking. That date came and went, with the package being cleared by customs on 27th August, then scanned every evening in the warehouse in Shanghai (8 days so far). The delivery date disappeared a few days after it had passed. There is currently no scheduled delivery information available for it. 

I emailed and rang Digital River from the 30th August. They were sympathetic and said they would investigate, but I did not hear back from them. I tried ringing UPS in the UK today, and they suspect that the paperwork was wrong. They said that Lenovo in Chine should contact UPS in China to sort it out.

I asked Digital River if it was normal that the To: address in the UPS tracking only said "Cambridge, 000 GB", and the Tier 1 lady said she had seen that on other successful shipments and that it would probably change when the package reached the destination country.

So, still waiting and it is getting more urgent by the day.

Paper Tape
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Re: Delivery delays by UPS carier

I have the same issue here. It has been four days past the delivery date and for these past four days the UPS tracking log just states "warehouse scan" and that the item is awaiting clearance. I've spoken to both UPS and Lenovo customer service, and each is more useless than the last. Each party tells me to check in with the other. I spoke with lenovo today and the agent said that it will clear customs today according to her sources. When I asked what her sources were she said she couldn't tell me for privacy reasons. Of course it did not clear customs today and there is still no update other than "warehouse scan".  I thought four days is bad enough, seeing as I need it urgently, but after browsing through these forums my fear is that I might be waiting much longer, or not get it at all. 

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