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Paper Tape
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Disappointed With Service on T460s

I purchased a refurbished T460s last month and aside from an issue with the screen (was yellowish on the right side and had fine vertical lines that would show up the first hour the machine was on and then go away), the machine was in apparently perfect condition.  Had a tech come to replace the screen and the issues began.


The tech shows up and is surprised to see Lenovo sent me a screen a few days prior.  He doesn't say anything just looked confused.  He then gets to work.   He must have taken apart and put my machine together like 5 or 6 times.  He calls and I hear him say something about the keyboard not working.   Anyway, after about 1.5 hours, he tells me they shipped the wrong screen.  I ask him what he was doing all that time and he says, "replacing the motherboard".  What??? Nothing was wrong with the motherboard!  He could have told me they shipped the wrong screen from the beginning and leave it at that but the guy didn't say a word the whole time he was here!  And didn't mention anything about a motherboard until after!


In putting the new motherboard in, he somehow scuffed up my touchpad, put a scratch on the lid, and didn't close the bezel up properly so it had a gap on the top edge and a slight dent along the side.  I tried pushing the bezel sides together but the gap wouldn't close. How did this happen?  Guy was working on my desk, didn't have a mat underneath and was not very careful. 


I put in a call and get it "escalated" and get called back by a CSR manager (I think).   I ask for a new machine for my troubles but they tell me they don't replace refurbished units but they offer to replace the touchpad and bezel along with the problematic screen.  Ok, that's fair enough.   


They schedule a tech to come in today.   I was happy with this new tech, he seemed to know what he was doing and was communicative.  Guess what?  They sent the wrong screen AGAIN!  On top of that, instead of sending a touchpad, they sent the front piece (keyboard bezel?) AND the screen bezel was shipped by UPS without my knowledge instead of given to the tech and since no one was home to receive it, it was scheduled to be redelivered the next day.  At least this tech was careful and used foam underneath the machine - he also didn't make a huge racket taking the machine apart which leads me to believe the previous guy was new at this.


So basically I took ANOTHER  1/2 day off work FOR NOTHING!  And now I have to take time off work again to be here tomorow and hope that they get it right this time!   Now, I could have just shipped the machine back for these repairs but I needed my machine NOW and didn't want to have to wait weeks to get it back.  I figured they would come, fix it and be done with it.  Instead, tomorrow will be the THIRD time I have to leave work early to have a tech come over. 


Such a disappointing experience.  And I didn't even mention all the bouncing back and forth when I called.  I put in a service request but had to move it to another day - they told me I had to cancel it and open a new "case".  I spoke to someone else to do so but the one person I spoke to said they could only close the case, I would have to call someone else to start up a new one so I was waiting on the phone again for about 20 minutes before I could get through to the other person.  I then call another day to confirm the day of the visit and they tell me the  service request confirmation # I gave them, is CANCELLED.  Not the first one, mind you, but the SECOND service call I put through!  Ugh, what a frustrating experience!


Paper Tape
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Re: Disappointed With Service on T460s

the customer service is awful. being trapped in the automated system forever and then when you get a person they know nothing. I think they do this so you give up before they ever have to put any effort into solving problems.

Paper Tape
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Re: Disappointed With Service on T460s

So, THREE WEEKS later and tech who said he would call me when new screen arrived (he said it would be arriving in a couple of days) has still not contacted me.   What should have been a quick and simple ONE VISIT fix has taken over a month, two visits and is still not resolved.


I am at work during the week and have very little time to make phone calls (much less to wait or get bounced around) - have tried using the Support Chat feature on the website but wait times are ridiculous as well. 


Seems no one who can help in an official capacity reads these posts, either.


Suggestion if anyone ever reads this:  Please create some way to communicate about such issues VIA EMAIL.   Phone calls are annoying when you have to wait or be switched around to various departments, same with online chat.  I wouldn't mind waiting a couple of days for a response as long as I got one. 


So frustrating.

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Re: Disappointed With Service on T460s

Hello Relayer71,


I was unfortunately unable to find a case with the information I have at hand, this doesn't mean there isn't one, and would like to offer two alternative courses of action.  The quickest method is to call and request another escalation and the alternative is to send me the following information by private message; I should then be able to find your existing case.


Full Name;
Telephone No.;
email address;
System Type;
System s/n;

Date of purchase;
Case Numbers;





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