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What's DOS?
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Disastrous customer service nightmare!Please never buy anything at

Beginning of august I ordered an s440 Thinkpad at the Dutch Lenovo store. The delivery was going to happen in 17 days. Three days after I placed my order I cancelled it thinking that I am in time before the whole procedure of shipping will be set in motion. A few days later I got an email that I was too late and I will still get the product shipped all the way from Korea (as I later saw on the UPS tracking). I was still hopeful and just waited for the product so I can ask for a return. I called the customer service which btw has an unprofessional sounding nonnative Dutch speaking front menu that completely gives off the wrong tone right from the start. I got the lady on the line and asked for a return. She said I will be contacted by the shipping company for a pickup. I assumed this will be within a day maximum two. After 2 days I called again and a poor Dutch speaking voice told me that it will take a week or 10 days before I will be contacted by the company. I said all right.. I can wait. After two weeks I still got no mail or anything from anyone. At some point after 3 weeks someone showed up at my door saying that they are DHL and are here to pick up something for a company named Ingram. As nobody contacted me I am not going to give a laptop worth quite a few 100s of euros just like that. I contacted the customer service and they said they can’t do anything because the shipping company has to contact me. After some failed attempts I got a decent English speaking person on the line trying to do his best and help me out. He arranged a pickup and I got a mail again from an unknown company but I was willing to assume it was for my return. The date was inconvenient so I called DHL. They said they can’t change my pickup date because only Lenovo can do that. I called Lenovo. They changed the date for my convenience. For some reason the guy still came on the inconvenient date and as for my luck I was home and could pass it on. The next day someone came again so they didn’t cancel the original pickup and they came twice (not smart logistics from DHL but that’s another story). This was on the 15th of September. Unfortunately today the 2nd of October I still haven’t received a refund or confirmation or anything. I called twice yesterday and today and a very rude and unfriendly again poor Dutch speaking lady said there is nothing in the computer about my return. So I am kind of scared that I will never see my money back. This is a disgrace to an otherwise good brand. I cannot imagine how this can be called customer service! It is a disgrace to the company name and brand that customers have to wait 2 months for a substantial refund and are treated badly by unskilled people with bad language. If you can’t help me at least try so and learn the language of the country you live and work. I guess downsizing and outsourcing does that to a company, everything as cheap as possible.

I wanted to get the computer directly from the manufacturer because they had good options and wanted to support them instead of a second or third party distributor, but I was incredibly wrong and will never make the same mistake again.I can't even imagine what would have happened if I actually kept the product and had an issue with it after a while,I would have never been helped out! That's "unfortunately" an important thing when buying electronics worth considerable amounts. Please be aware!

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