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Blue Screen Again
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Do not buy extended warranty when manufacturer's warranty is still running.

Hi all

I have a Lenovo thinkpad e570. I decided it'd be a good idea to extend the warranty by buying a 2 year extended warranty for it, thinking it'd extend the base warranty.

Sadly though this was not the case, and this is just one of several issues I've had involving the warranty for this product.

The first problem i had was when i registered for the base warranty, I had to contact support because the date was set incorrectly (even though the purchase date was put in correctly). This meant i had to get hold of support to change the warranty start date, which i thought would be the last of the problems i had with warranty for the laptop.

The next problem i had was that I bought the 2 year extended warranty, that has no additional features over the base warranty, and it was not set to extend the warranty of the laptop, it was set to run in parallel with the base warranty of the laptop. When i contacted support they told me this is as it was intended, dispite there being no additional benefits to having an extended warranty, the extended warranty is supposed to run along side the base warranty, which is quite annoying.

The third and final problem i've got with the allocation of warranty dates is that not only is the extended warranty set to run along side the base warranty, it's also had the start date for the extended warranty set to the purchase date of the laptop.

What this means is I've paid for "extended" 2 year warranty, and i've ended up with a total of 18 months of warranty including the base warranty.

To make matters worse, support's responses aren't just slow, they seem bone idle. I don't say this lightly or without reason. I've opened two tickets on lenovo support site, and they seem to have access to an "I can't be bothered" button, in the form of a reply of "unable to reach customer". The reason i say this is because i have had several replies from support, but occasionally i get no reply and when i check the ticket (several days later) i can see there's a note stating "unable to reach customer", and when i request a reply, i get one, but seem to get no where. 

One final note is that the case is still open and i haven't recieved a reply in 8 days.

Additionally, one of the tickets was closed with the note "Service completed remotely" but the warranty's dates remained the same.


Overall Lenovo Support are the worst support i've ever had to get hold of, and the "extended" warranty system seems to be an outright scam.


I hope this information helps someone wait till their base warranty runs out before thinking about purchasing the extended warranty for any Lenovo laptop. (The laptop is great by the way and i've not had any problems with it in the last year)


Thanks for reading

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Re: Do not buy extended warranty when manufacturer's warranty is still running.

First sorry for your problems.  I am just a customer as you are.  2nd sorry if I misunderstood your issue.  I always buy a 3 year extended warranty for every laptop I buy.  In the US the base warranty is 1 year.  When I buy the 3 year warranty its a total of 3 years not 4 years since the 3 year warranty really extends the base warranty by 2 years.  See below.  Also I'm not sure what you mean by 18 months?  If you buy a 2 year extended warranty it should be 2 years from start date so not sure why its 18 months?  In the US if I buy a 2 year warranty before the base 1 year warranty the warranty is 2 years from the start date of the base warranty.  Below is the warranty policy for extensions.



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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Do not buy extended warranty when manufacturer's warranty is still running.


By 18 months I meant that I didn't buy the extended warranty straight away. It was around 6 months later. 

And the extended warranty has been given a start date of the date of purchase for the laptop.

Its just one of a few errors that I've run into with the warranty system, but one I can't sort out as support tend not to reply

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Re: Do not buy extended warranty when manufacturer's warranty is still running.

Also speaking as a customer, and based on my personal recollections:


The type of warranty you describe is as  states - 2, 3, 4, 5 total year warranties that start on the date of original purchase.  They're priced accordingly.  An x-year warranty extension that started later would by necessity be more expensive for actuarial reasons.  It would apply when the laptop was older and statistically more prone to failure.


To your suggestion to not purchase while the base warranty was still in effect: that may not be the best idea for most customers.  That kind of extension is post-warranty with limited options, and IIRC they are more expensive that the ones purchased during the base period (or more commonly at time of purchase).  They also have a claim exclusion period (also IIRC) or no one would purchase them unless they already had a failure to claim.



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Serial Port
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Re: Do not buy extended warranty when manufacturer's warranty is still running.

I'm just a customer and happen to live in the US too.  At the time I purchased my T470 about a year ago, I opted for the 3 year extended waranty.  As I recall, there were options for 2, 3, 4 and 5 year "extended warranties".   There was no 1 year extended waranty option.  And the 3 year warranty was about twice as expensive as the 2 year warranty. 


I can see where the name of these warranties could be confusing.   They are extended waranties.  As you noted, the terms are the same as the base warranty but the coverage time is extended.   So your 2 year warranty  extends your base warranty to a total of 2 years.  It appears that you interpreted it as a 2 year extension to base warranty.


In retrospect,  if a 2 year extended warranty meant that it was 2 years of extra service, doesn't it seem a little odd that there was no 1 year extended warranty offered?


IMO, the bottom line is that you were not screwed.  You just (understandably) misunderstood what you were buying.

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