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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Ethernet port broken, service issue.

I can only comment that the flap design sucks. For sure is that I will not purposely or intentionally damage it. The normal type of RJ45 port which I never have any problem on computer, laptop, LAN point etc etc....Let close this case. Thanks for the GREAT support from LENOVO.

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Community Moderator
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Re: Ethernet port broken, service issue.

DarySeah,  since you are having an issue with the laptop's ethernet port, have you considered using a USB 3 to Ethernet Adapter?  It might a low cost solution to your problem. Here is one example of what is available in the U.S..  I am sure there are similar offerings in your country.

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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Ethernet port broken, service issue.

hahaha... Lenovo problem becoming my problem. i rather use wireless.

Paper Tape
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Re: Ethernet port broken, service issue.


I don't expect to be on this forum for long because no one likes to hear the truth.

Wow, what a piece of cheap garbage; ironically & coincidentally, I’ve experienced RJ45 physical port problems when I just begun to use my Lenovo V330-15IKB today!

The dates of this thread begin to show a common denominator for many reasons.

Lenovo is even worse than the Compaq rubbish I bought in 1999 (we know what happened to them).

"You are as strong as your weakest link"; well, no exceptions here with the same flimsy quality RJ45 port that some engineer(s?) decided it would be a great idea to use with paper thin contacts and a nonsensical spring loaded half-door (impediment?) specifically designed to make the simple task of connecting a RJ45 cable a pain in everyone’s backside.

Clearly, the geometry and resultant real estate would have accommodated a proven and reliable fully-open RJ45 port from a design perspective.

I have zero tolerance for problems introduced to sound, reliable and proven features such as ruining basic mechanics of RJ45 port because some designers decided to try and be clever!

It's hard to accept that any testing or design review was undertaken in this regard.

All it took me was to put the cable in and out a few times and 3 pins are mashed and broken off.

LAPTOP USELESS and Lenovo are now worthy of being consigned to the Mt Everest of business failures!

Any retard could have designed something better than this.

I'll be seeking to get my money back!

With quality this bad, I can NEVER buy Lenovo again.

I can't imagine any other reason how this occurred other than some PC engineer designers and companies justifying their jobs by implementing such rubbish to create MRO work and increase volume turnover.

I hope this post is found in web searches as a warning to others.

Run away from Lenovo like the wind!


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Re: Ethernet port broken, service issue.

Hello and welcome to the Community,


I'm sorry that you consider the design of the ethernet port to be sub-par your expectations; I'll certainly pass your comments along to the business unit.


As you can see I made some minor edits to your post.  You can criticize Lenovo all you like but please refrain from language which could be considered insulting to persons known or unknown and your post will remain.




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Paper Tape
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Re: Ethernet port broken, service issue.

Hello Andy_Lenovo

This will be my last post.

How about expectations in par with long proven functionality from all users?
Clearly there is a trend emerging and one I don't see going away.
I find words "Knucklehead" & "Boofhead" aimed at the designers responsible justified with equivalent vitriol as my further comment "Any retard could have designed something better than this".
They clearly let their other colleagues down on a product which was sound in all other aspects for the low price.
Nevertheless, I thank you for your feedback and consolidating my post.

I concur with DarySeah findings.

Having a flap which expands down to create a full RJ socket makes cable insertion VERY difficult; heavily de-rating overall product quality.
Minor lateral flap movement makes the socket flimsy.
VERY minor wiggling necessary to remove a cable from this bad socket, combined with the poor quality fragile RJ45 internal electrical contacts, the end result was inevitable.
Lenovo could have implemented proper SOLID RJ45 sockets with real cylindrical wire ($5 for 10 - 20 pieces on eBay) and factored into their design.
Board real estate is a little tight from my inspection (I had to retrieve the 3 small fragile strips broken off), however for $50 to $100 in manufacture costs, a small price to pay indeed for something reliable.

I would encourage you to try replicating yourself.
Obviously Lenovo performed no PROPER testing.

Thank you all for reading!

What's DOS?
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Re: Ethernet port broken, service issue.

I received my new Lenovo laptop by delivery today and I was very dissapointed to see this protective tab or hinge or whatever it is supposed to be. It is another horrid obstacle to me as a person with disabilities.

My first question is 'Why?'

Second question is; 'Will the port function effectively if I get someone to break it off for me?'

It is an insurmoutable obstacle for a person with hand disablities.

I bought this to replace my other Lenovo which I've been happy with. I thought, if I bought the same thing, then no surprises. Who knew?

And we're back...

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