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Re: Faulty Lenovo Hardware (USB) ports



We will try to help, and I appreciate the PM - will see what we can do.  But in all fairness let's consider a couple of things...


1) Users can easily break USB ports if a USB device is left sticking (thumb drive, etc) and the system is carried around and that device is struck - it can easily snap off the center piece in the port.


2) Ports can also be damaged by forcing the connection in upside down.



Both of these factors can cause a port to break and it is not the fault of the system manufacturer - those are not defects or design flaws, they are an unfortunate byproduct of an accidental situation.  We do have ThinkPad protection that can be purchased, and will cover these kinds of things as a warranty upgrade.


I am not saying that you did either of these things, but I am explaining why I don't think it is fair to automatically assume that Lenovo should cover all broken USB port claims.


There are a lot of different models of systems with USB ports on them - unless all the complaints are about the same model and the same port, I'm not sure that posts about broken USBs indicate any particular issue other than they can randomly be broken, and that they aren't automatically covered under warranty.


The internet is full of experiences that people post - with millions of systems out there, it is likely that there will be dozens, even hundreds of broken USB ports stories that will get posted... along with broken hinges, cracked LCDs, cracked plastics, missing keys on a keyboard, etc, etc.    It is impossible to know the truth about what truly happened in each of these accounts, only to know what people write.     No doubt, some might have failed due to a micro-crack or some other random defect, but then again, probably a fair number were indeed damaged in the environment, possibly without the owner knowing when it happened.  If the port was cracked, it might not fail right then when it was bumped.. then days later, the user puts in a device in that port and it snaps off.  Subjectively, it seems to have spontaneously failed and is assumed to be defective.


All that said - we'll look into your case and see what can be done.





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Re: Faulty Lenovo Hardware (USB) ports

She said "Do not believe the blogs. Just because there is a lot about escalating do not be deceived. There is no guarantee it will be." See below:


Well, the girl from Lenovo left a rapid fire message today basically discouraging me that it may never get to escalation. She will send photographs of damage. So what came first, the chicken or the egg? If it was damaged AFTER the defective part was broken, e.g. I would not know and tried to insert a usb properly, we would never know. Also, I have seen many people insert usb devices upside in many products and never saw a usb port break. They only break if they are inherently weak since a good manufacturer builds in stress tests for that. I know as I was a CEO of a manufacturing company involving IT. Anyway, she was arrogant, impolite and not reassuring. I am sure she will be victorious in screwing the customer. Before, I had a sour taste in my mouth. Now its bitter. I will pass this on to my Chinese counterparts and get them to contact CEO Yang Yuanqing. I am sure they will not be as arrogant having worked in China for the last 25 years including bringing President Clinton there to promote our products. In my entire professional and personal career I have never broken, never seen broken a usb port on any computer except the Lenovo. How do you know it was broken? Insert a usb into it and the computer restarts! What computer is designed that does not account for user error? Although, my experience says I do not not make stupid or accidental mistakes like an upside down usb. But even if I did, not other computer manufactuer can claim that WARNING if you insert a usb upside down it will cost you $750!  Amazing and amazing to be so brash and threatening. My wife was in shock when she heard the message.


Moderator note; post merged in, subject edited. Original titled; Customer Service Put Down

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Re: Faulty Lenovo Hardware (USB) ports

Hi Mark,


I do not have any issue with USB ports, but after bios update, my T500 can not pass the splash screen. It was stuck there, and after pressing "Power" button to turn it off, thewre is a beep as usual, but the LCD with splash screen stills ON.

Is there anything I can do to fix this issue or the bios was bad after upgrading?

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Re: Faulty Lenovo Hardware (USB) ports



Hey, welcome to the forum.   You may want to visually inspect all of your USB ports to see if any of the contacts are broken and pushed in, shorting it out.  This can cause the symptom you are describing.


Check out this knowledge article which describes this symptom of being hung at the splash screen.


If you double check and all of your USB ports are fine, then I would recommend you start a new discussion about your system not booting on the T400/500 board and include additional details about what you might have connected to it, what BIOS level you have.


You could also try a "reset" by removing the AC and battery connection, then press and hold the power button several times for several seconds each time to drain off any residual capacitance.  Then, reconnect the AC and press power button.  See if you can press F1 to get into BIOS and then in BIOS, select the option to reload BIOS defaults.  This will be an option toward the bottom of the screen.  Save and exit.  Try to reboot.


If the ports are ok, you have tried the reset or can't get into BIOS, then it sounds like the BIOS flash update didn't complete and is corrupt and you will need to contact service.   But, let's try these things first!


Best regards,



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Re: Faulty Lenovo Hardware (USB) ports

sigh, i since moved on to a new laptop, different brand but researching around for my brothers new laptop, brought me back to this thread..Mark, i appreciated the help you given us, but yes its 100% manufacturer defect when i brought had my r500 in 2009. I had 3 different motherboards replaced for my r500 in a span of 6 month, in that time, i had 6 broken usb ports combined.My r500 died shortly aferwards , thats another story due to overheating or either overvoltage due to problems with the usb port.


I brought my new laptop march 2011, over a year now, no broken usb port.Coincidence? i was planning on getting my brother a lenovo 310 or u410 ultrabook because it gotten some good review but im very bitter that the r500 was the biggest dissapointment of a laptop i ever brought, had like 5 laptop total


Im having my doubts if i wanna go the lenovo route again, i hate the fact that they deny anything is wrong with their products, and pretend we're a bunch of idiots who cant even plug in the usb correctly. rumors had it that they cancelled the r500 because of its built quality and problems.

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Re: Faulty Lenovo Hardware (USB) ports

Hi Mark,


I had a similar issue with my X220t.  One day I noticed a small piece of plastic that came off of my laptop.  I saved it, not knowing what it was for.  A few days later when I tried using the USB port, I noticed that my computer would keep connecting/disconnecting from my USB drive.


I sent it in for repair and they also quoted me a price of $750+ saying that the laptop may have been dropped (which it hasn't).  The laptop doesn't even have a scratch on it yet.


I've been a Thinkpad customer for over a decade and simply don't understand how it could have just fallen off.  Mind you, my laptop is only about 6 months old.  Is there anything I can do about this?

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Re: Faulty Lenovo Hardware (USB) ports

Same problem.  I'm a tech guy and this G770 notebook I bought has two out of four broken ports now.  I have done innumerable things to USB ports ever since they invented USB and these arer the first that I've seen break.  I haven't taken it apart yet (lazy) but the plastic is loose and can be wiggled up and down causing intermittent failure of the port. I'm guessing solder and epoxy will provide a more effective solution than another motherboard of inferior design.  (cheaper too)  These greedy corporate (this word intentionally ommited) don't care about their product or customers as long as their sales are OK.  I bought this thing not realizing these weren't IBM anymore.  I opened the package and looked at the user manual and said, "Uh-oh!  I'm in trouble if I ever need support."  I'm 53 years old and miss the way we ran things 50 years ago.  Customers were right and companies were proud of and stood behind their product.  There is a prevailing moral decay tearing down the credibility of businesses.  It's just as prevelant in the peoples of our society, too.  It makes it difficult for a soul like myself to remain trusting of strangers.  II won't be around too long though and I still have the knowledge of a better world.  Drop me a line if you want me to report on my USB repair attempt.  I've done that type of thing (product repairs) litterallly hundreds of times and have an excellent success rate.  Almost always my repairs improve the item to above "brand new" condition.  Now that I've let my head deflate a little, let me also say I wouldn't have all that experience if I didn't act like a bonehead  sometimes, causing the problem to begin with!