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File a Complaint

2020-10-07, 19:19 PM

I am in a very irate mood. I have had a ticket open with Lenovo for almost one month to have a service technician come to my home (only because they won't allow me to replace it myself), and not once have I ever been contacted by ANYONE about setting up an appointment. Last week I finally received an email from Lenovo saying that my technician would be showing up that day. Did they call to schedule the appointment? NO! Did they even ask if I'd be home that day? NO!


I ended up having to text the technician and ask for details. Fortunately for that day, the part hadn't come in yet. They said they would contact me and let me know when the part was in so they could schedule a time. I thought that was fine and waited until I heard something.


This week, almost a week later (Monday 10/5/2020), I receive another email from Lenovo saying my technician is on his way to my house!!! No email, phone call, text message, NOTHING! No request if the date/time worked for me. I promptly texted the technician and told him the same. He apologized and gave me the time frame he would be to my house. I told him that won't work because I wasn't going to be home. He apologized and we rescheduled for the next day (yesterday). He showed up at the scheduled time and proceeded with the repair. They sent a motherboard and hard drive, but not the WiFi card which is what I opened the ticket for. He replaced the board and it was a bad board: speakers didn't work, LED's didn't work properly and it heated up the battery extremely hot. He swapped the board back for the original and made a call to get a new board sent over. He left and I had a functional computer, though I now had to reinstall everything from scratch.


I spend the next couple hours and this morning trying to get the computer back to where it needs to be, in between working. I'm plugging away at work and all of a sudden, I receive a text notification that a technician has arrived AT MY DOOR!!! NO TEXT, NO CALL , NO EMAIL, NOTHING!!! I don't know where you get the gall to tell the customer when YOUR technician will be showing up, but that's NOT HOW IT WORKS!


I am the customer. YOU work on MY schedule, not the other way around. I am beyond infuriated by your stupidity and lack of care for your customers. It it NOT acceptable for you to just show up at my house and expect me to open my door to you when I'm not expecting you. Fortunately, I was home and able to let the technician in, but if I'd not been home, I would have been even more ticked off.


Your technicians probably all do a good job. The two I've spoken with told me that they are just given a time from the system to show up. Whether or not they are supposed to confirm the time with the customer, I don't know.


I'm filing this complaint but I fear it will fall on deaf ears. You can't even call in to file a complaint because your setup/system is a piece of crap. You can't get a straight answer from customer service because you don't want YOUR CUSTOMERS filing directly. You want to try and fluff things out.


Based on the minor issues I've had with this laptop and the MAJOR complaints I have with your customer service, I will NOT be purchasing another computer from Lenovo. You really need to get your crap together if you are going to succeed. I am one INCREDIBLY disappointed to-be-past customer.


All my anger and frustration.

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