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What's DOS?
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Frustrated with Lencare India.



This is with regard to my S10 Laptop which is under replacement from 9 September 2011 (6 months now). No customer care representative has been able to sort this case out.


Each time a person takes the case, he / she leaves the organisation making me do the whole thing again and again.


i was promised a refund of my amount as they are having compatability issues in repairing my laptop.


Completely frustrated, I want to escalate this matter to a higher forum if there is any. Failing this, the only option left would be take lenovo to the consumer court.


Request you to provide me with an email ID of a consumer care officer or any other alternate to escalate this matter further.


Case ID : 4270309190.

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Re: Frustrated with Lencare India.

Hi there,


and sorry abouth this incredible delay! Are you sure replacement had been confirmed?

I suggest you locate a lenovo staff member here on the forum and send them a Personal message with details of the case.



Good Luck!!

What's DOS?
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Re: Frustrated with Lencare India.


I am very disappointed with the support of lenovo this is my second machine of lenovo before this i hadlenovo G450 model and i  never
face any issuue with that machine so i was not aware of what kind of support you provide. On 6th Jan 2016 i have purchased this new laptop and when i came back home i found there is manufacturing defect on laptop, On 9thJan i have file a complain regarding this now its almost going 20days still not any results.  My ticked ID 7007155586
I am losing my business because of all this thing hope you will fix this asap.


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Re: Frustrated with Lencare India.

Hello jairwt, welcome to the community,


sorry to have to read about your experience so far. Having your ticket number has enabled me to request someone reach out to you to assist you reaching a resolution to your situation.


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