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Function keys gap on new ThinkPads

2011-04-26, 8:55 AM

Dear Lenovo, 

ThinkPads are one of best laptops out there. We all know it. They are favoured in the IT industry not only for their durability. 
Last months we can see the shift from the traditional-like design to the modern style. The World's changing. We accept it. New look. Different setups. All okay. 
Changing the keyboard layout should be done in the most sensitive way. We can live with small changes. Most of us can even accept different layout of the INS-DEL-HOME-END-PGUP-PGDN groups. But do not take the gaps away please
Gaps between F4-F5 and F8-F9 are very important. We, IT professionals, use them every day. With your new keyboard layout we have to look on the keyboard every time we need to use any of the function keys. Do not slow the IT bloom down. Do not take these gaps. 
If you really need to take it away please give us bumps to some function keys. Just like on F and J keys. This wont break your new layout, but gives us possibility to work the same way as before. Without looking. 
Lukas "lzap" Zapletal


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Re: Petition: Function keys gap on new ThinkPads

2011-04-26, 10:57 AM
I don't work for Lenovo. I'm a crazy volunteer!
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Re: Function keys gap on new ThinkPads

2011-04-27, 6:41 AM

Which laptop keyboard layout are you refering to? I've seen the T420 however the gaps between F4 and F5, F8 and F9 are still there.


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Re: Function keys gap on new ThinkPads

2011-04-28, 9:13 AM


I have an ThinkPad X120e, which probably has one of the the smallest keyboards produced, and it definitely has more space between the F4-F5, F8-F9 and F12-Ins keys than the interkey gaps between the others.  Admittedly it's not as much, but then again, this is a unit with an 11.6" LCD screen, so the keyboard spacing is going to be smaller than on, say, a W701ds.




Aryeh Goretsky


I am a volunteer and neither a Lenovo nor a Microsoft employee.

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Re: Function keys gap on new ThinkPads

2011-04-28, 14:36 PM
Z560 has NO gaps...
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