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G50-70 power fault, repair saga

I'm posting this on here in the hope that someone will actually take some personal responsibility for resolving my issue rather than passing me from one call centre or automated email system to another.  


My son's laptop suffered a power failure a month out of 1 yr warranty. It was in normal use at the time (on battery, plenty of charge) and just died.  After stepping through the CMOS reset procedures and doing the other troubleshooting measures I sent it off for repair by Medion via Lenovo UK.


A mainboard fault was diagnosed and stipulated as chargeable due to supposedly related damage to a USB port. If the USB port was correctly fused it couldn't have caused this fault and the port wasn't in use at the time in any case.  Based on some searching I suspected this model has a fairly common power fault and asked about it repeatedly but got no response to my questions.


Anyway, I agreed to pay for the repair as I felt I didn't have a choice, and I was charged for it. I was then told two weeks later that the part wasn't available and the unit would have to be returned. I was asked to submit card/bank details, I tried but the emails repeatedly bounced, redirecting me to online ticketing. I've called the support or repair line five times now to try to get it resolved and I have over 50 mails in my email history relating to this. Yesterday I was told I had to submit proof of purchase (why? I sent it on 6 Jan) and was told an email not originating from the bouncing address would be sent. I never received the email. Today I called again and got the email, from the bouncing address. While I was on the phone I asked about a formal complaints handling process and was told there isn't one.


I sent the proof of purchase (again) anyway but I have little hope of anything being sorted out. It's now three months to the day since the fault was reported to Lenovo and my son has given up on ever having a working laptop again since even if we get it back no one can tell me if or when the part will become available and I have no confidence that the repair would ever be completed if it does. Every time he asks me about it he looks miserable and I feel like I'm letting him down.  I've remained calm and civil with everyone I've dealt with throughout this but I'm at the end of my tether.


An organisation that's serious about customer service would see this as an opportunity to make some proper process improvements...

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Re: G50-70 power fault, repair saga

Hello Paul, welcome to the community,


I'm sorry to have to read about your experience, under normal circumstances the call centre agent should be in a position to escalate a case on your behalf. I'd like to do exactly that, could you please send me the following information by private message;


Full Name;
Telephone No.; +
email address;
System Type;
System s/n;
Case Numbers;


Thanks in advance




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