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Punch Card
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Goodbye, Thinkpad

A while ago I got a defective screen on my X1 Carbon, and eventually got it repaired through warrenty after numerous argument with the warrenty service.


Then the same problem happened AGAIN two weeks ago: the screen shows only all kinds of crazy lines. I was tired of arguing with them again. I bought a new one on Ebay and put it on within 30 minutes. 


Now the computer is working fine. But I totally lost my faith in Thinkpad through this experience. It never happened to me on my T42 or X200T.



Paper Tape
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Re: Goodbye, Thinkpad

I have had the same experience. I am never buying from lenovo again after the way I was treated by support. Sorry you had to go through the same thing.... Lenovo will likely go under soon anyway with how bad of a line they are putting out.
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Re: Goodbye, Thinkpad



Sorry to hear that you had repreated failures of LCD on your Carbon.   Very unfortunate.


I'm glad to hear that you were self reliant and solved the problem yourself, but if your system was still under warranty, I would like to see if there is something we could do to regain your trust.


I'll see if one of our agents can follow up with you and we can escalate your case to our customer relations team.


I hope you will consider giving us a chance to make things right.


Best regards,




Punch Card
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Re: Goodbye, Thinkpad



Thanks for your kindness. Since my computer is working again and I depoend on it for everyday work, it might not be necessary to send it for inspection. I can send the defective screen for locating the problem if you think necessary.


The problem might be related to the quality of the LCD panel (LG-Philips), or the bezel, which is not strong enough. Lenovo is a great company, I hope it can take the feedback from the end-users seriously and continue improving the quality of its products.



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