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HORRIBLE customer service experience. Just want my money back

2019-09-30, 16:57 PM

I ordered a Lenovo Yoga 730 15" platnium on the lenovo official website on Sep 25, and all it's been is chaos and frustration. 


First I tried to make an order with my square cash card, I put the wronf biling address so the order declined. However, my card was still charged the $794.19, weird. My sister and I then decided to try her card, ASSUMING I'd get my refund the next day, (we also called lenovo and I was told that money should be returned the next day to my bank account). Her card worked, sweet, I'd get my laptop soon. WRONG.


The next day I checked my email hoping I got an "order shipped" email, but instead I was told the order was cancelled. Not only that, but my money was not refunded to my cashapp card. At this point we are very frustrated and short $1,600 total. I get incontact with Lenovo credit card branch (I'm not sure the offical name), and we are told that they put in a process to get our refunds back (???), and it would take 24 hours. That was friday (27th). I do understand that these things can take time but reading all these horror stories has me extremly on edge, and that money is needed now. 


To top things off I called the (855) 253-6686 number 30 minutes ago, I get connected with the same indian woman from earlier today and friday (I can't remeber her name) I asked her about why my transaction says completed while my sister's says pending. I thought since this refund has been in process since the 25th that there would at least be some changes. She yelled at me saying wait 24 hours. 


I am completly taken away at the customer service I've been shown. I have been extremly patient. I understand it's only been a few days. What I don't understand is all the hassal it's taking to get money back, espcially money from a transcation that wasn't even completed. Can someone please help me?



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Re: HORRIBLE customer service experience. Just want my money back

2019-09-30, 17:28 PM

You should not post your order number online, becuase it could be used by someone to impersonate you, so you should edit you post and remove it. 


Typically when ever you place an order using a credit card, the order amount is placed on a hold with your bank/card issuer, but is only actually charged when the order ships     If the order is cancelled for any reason, the seller notifies your bank/card issuer, and your bank/card issuer then removes the hold on the funds, but that often takes up to 7 days depending on which bank/card issuer you use.


Sometimes you can contact your bank/card issuer and get them to move quicker, but once the seller cancels the order/hold, there is nothing more the seller can do


Best of luck,


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Re: HORRIBLE customer service experience. Just want my money back

2019-10-02, 15:00 PM

There are 2 parts of your getting a refind.  Lenovo reverses the charge back to the bank and the bank credits your account or card.  I cannot see your particular charge, but delays like this are usually between the bank and the customer.


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Re: HORRIBLE customer service experience. Just want my money back

2019-10-12, 17:33 PM



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