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Help! Lenovo refuses to honor warranty

2011-01-31, 16:36 PM

I bought a 14" Thinkpad Edge in May 2010 because I was starting grad school and needed a new laptop. Everything was working fine until last week. I was typing on it and I noticed the Backspace key did not work. A few minutes later the spacebar did not work. Over the next hour several other keys stopped working suddenly. Since my warrantly is still good until April, I called customer service and they acted like this is a common issue and that all I needed was a keyboard replacement. I sent it in the prepackaged box they gave me. A few days ago they called my husband (he was handling all this for me) and told him they needed $743 to fix the computer because the problem was with the system board. That is more than I paid for the computer itself! They told him that they found a "sticky substance" on the keyboard and system board and that they would not fix it because of this. I NEVER spilled ANYTHING on that computer!! I am very careful with my things, especially expensive things. They keyboard suddenly stopped working while I was using it. There was absolutely NO sticking of any of the keys, they just didn't respond anymore. Of course my husband refused to pay and Lenovo is shipping back my broken computer.


I am at a loss for what to do. Am I supposed to just call them and argue back and forth? "I didn't spill anything!" "Yes you did." "No I didn't!" And even if I did, they advertised that it was a spill-resistant keyboard.


I have always bought Dell computers and I was told Lenovo was a great brand so I decided to try them out. I cannot believe that they are basically telling me I'm out 750 bucks and that it's not their problem when I still have an active warranty! How can I dispute this? What do I do? I'm a poor student who can't buy another computer.


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Re: Help! Lenovo refuses to honor warranty

2011-01-31, 19:11 PM

jesscrom, welcome to the forum,


the first thing you should do is ask them to send you pictures, if it's not too late. You could then upload the pictures to somewhere like imageshack and post links to them here, this would enable members to better offer their opinions.





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Re: Help! Lenovo refuses to honor warranty

2011-01-31, 23:17 PM

I had very similar experience (see my post with a similar subject in December on this board). This (rejecting reasonable claims and asking for payment up front) seems a common strategy for the folks at the depot these days. Mine got resolved after asking to review the case again (I got help from Mark here on the board).


Getting pictures as suggested above is the thing to do first, together with the name of the person you or your husband talk to (also, when you get pictures, there will be e-mail contact info). Then call back and ask for a supervisor to review the case. If still unsuccessful, ask for help here.


It seems not very professional for them to do this, and it is not clear if the problem originates at the depot (must be a contractor and not Lenovo) or from Lenovo management trying to control expenses, but please persist, sooner or later they will either improve this or lose business.


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Re: Help! Lenovo refuses to honor warranty

2011-02-08, 21:27 PM

I third the picture request if it's still in the repair center. Spill resistant keyboard means just that, it's more resistant to spills than a regular keyboard, but a laptop is not spill-proof.


here's what i would do, call tech support, create a new case, ship the unit in to the repair center again, when someone calls you, request photo's of the damage.

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