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Blue Screen Again
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Help on purchasing.

Hello everyone on the Lenovo Forums!


I have a general question I need an answer to (:


Which Lenovo Laptop is best for gaming?  Along with screen captures, and mild program developing.  The games I'd be playing are games like Skyrim and Minecraft; people have told me that the ThinkPads can run them decently, and with decent settings on the.  And the program design wouldn't be anything big, just Java.


I've heard poeple say botht he Ideapads and Thinkpads are great at this, but which one takes the cake and is truly better at what I need it for?


Thanks in advance!


Punch Card
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Re: Help on purchasing.

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ideapad for gaming. just make sure it has a dedicated video card. the y570 08626JU should be able to run skyrim and minecraft. it's on sale now for $699, and you'd be hard pressed to find a laptop with equivalent specs at anywhere near that price.  the y580's (or y480 if you don't mind a smaller monitor) are even better, but also at least $150 more than the y570's

thinkpads are more for business--better security and sturdiness. but there aren't many thinkpads that have dedicated video cards. and the ones that do are much more expensive than equivalent ideapads.

Paper Tape
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Re: Help on purchasing.

I would definitely recommend the ideapad Y580 (which I am using to type this message right now). The one that I have came with an i7 processor and 6GB RAM, which is just about as much as you would need for minecraft. Playing minecraft, it hits 70fps and usually stays around the 60-70 range. The worst lag spike I've gotten is down to 19fps.


Although I don't play Skyrim, I would assume that the i7 and the 6GB RAM would run it just fine.


Just a little heads-up for the IdeaPad Y580 in case you want to get it, if you aren't already using an external mouse I would recommend getting one if you are getting problems with the mousepad.

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