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Help with returning laptop and Digital River's terrible customer support


So I recived my Thinkpad x1 yoga 3:rd gen on the 18th of july and have been trying to return this machine since the 22second of july and I have yet to get even a RMA. I have now sent about 6 emails to the support through lenovo and have recently even contacted Digital River support directly and still now response what so ever.


The problem is that I have payed for this machine, and these are not cheap machines as you all know, and I find it extremly frustrating that even though i have done nothing wrong since i am still within the 14 days of getting the product, i still get no help in returning my machine and get my money back.


I live in the EU and if I dont get my money back and get a RMA so that I can send this machine back to lenovo, then that means that lenovo or digital river are breaking the law.


So my tip to everyone is that you througly document when you get your product and carefully document when you send your emails so that you can prove that you are eligable to a return/refund and that you dont get scammed. Very wierd behaviour from such a big and well known company, espacially on machines that cost over 2k dollars...


For those that wonder the reason i want to return this machine is that it heats up so fast when plugged in and there is some coil whine on it aswell as the fact that it does not cut it for the tasks i had in mind. The last reason is obviously my fault since i did not do enough research but the heat and the performance due to the heat the machine produces is hardly my fault i belive. 

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Re: Help with returning laptop and Digital River's terrible customer support

Hello Ramtin95, welcome to the Community,


I can try and find out what is happening, if you would like, but need you to post your order number please. Do not post any other order related information, only the order number please.




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