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Horrible Experience with Lenovo I want to share - Be Aware before you buy

I want to share my experience with Lenovo.


My background:

I am a buyer for a large Financial corporation. I cover the state of California.  We have over 800 branches just in this state.

So, I buy lots of these machines. Fortunately or unfortunately once the machines are purchase they are typically IT's problem.

Anyway I just bought a higher end of the T61 model earlier this yr. I also purchased an additional 3yr warranty. This machine is replacing a R41 that was just purchased approx 15 months ago that already went out. Since I had a 1yr warranty, I was out of luck. Anyway, this machine was a LEMON from day 1. We installed all the Windows and IBM updates day 1.

The wireless card went out almost every hour. The computer would crash many times.  I opened a service request right away. Unfortunanly for me my office was very busy and I didn’t send the unit away on time and my service order was canceled.  Fast forward a few months. The machine crashes and doesn’t turn back on. 

I call Lenovo and open a new service order. They keep my computer 2.5 weeks. No communication at all. I called them and they transferred me to billing who said that this is billable upwards of $1,000. 

So I escalated this matter to another dept who sent this box to 'SWAT'. There they had it for 2 weeks (after thinking that they lost it) and said that they are not going to repair this unit either. My contact was Debra Txxxxxx. Next, we I conference with a Barry Yxxxxx (some escalation mgr) and he said that since we buy so many units he would try to resolve this issue with a repair or new unit.  But Debra called me the next day to say that was declined. They emailed me pics to say that there was liquid damage to the motherboard. My reply was 'of course there is damage, that’s why the machine is not working. But there must have been pre-existing damage. Can you look at the machine logs? Its been crashing unexplainably since day1.' Her response was 'we still will fix this. it is billable'. 

Here is the root of my dissatisfaction:

-I am convinced this was a pre-existing condition with this machine.  Look at the machines internal log. It crashed daily.

-We buy thousands of these units. I buy them through dealers that savings time and money from buying direct. But I new machines in bulk with warranty. WHY AM I PAYING SUCH A PREMIUM FOR EACH MACHINE assuming that I am getting a premium product? In fact I'm getting junk. AND LENOVO WON’T STAND BY THEIR PRODUCT.

-I am personally responsible for my company switching to IBM (now Lenovo) about 6yrs ago when I had a great experience with IBM. I believe that this company has fallen in integrity, quality, and focus since Lenovo came into the picture.

-I asked for a Mgr of escalations to personally write a letter of accountability to me why they will NOT STAND BY THEIR WARRANTY AND THEIR PRODUCT. HE REFUSSED!! That's Barry Yxxxxx(xx?). I told him he could include all the info with pics.   I want my company to have documentation why I am switching all current and future orders to DELL, HP, Gateway, etc. after more than 6yrs buying this product that I was responsible for bringing here.  (If this cannot be resolved). 

-I'm still asking for ANY VP, Director, Upper level MGR, etc, to give me in writing an explanation WHY I would pay premium over any notebook in its class to do business with Lenovo???? Quality is proving to be junk. Warranty is not standing by product. Company is not standing by product.

 -In 1.5 yrs I replaced a A series with an R series with a T series for one user.  Now after 4 months they want me to replace this machine that I have a 3yr warranty and paid premium to buy with my 4th notebook??? Why am I buying this junk? 



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Re: Horrible Experience with Lenovo I want to share - Be Aware before you buy



Apologies that this has been your experience thus far. 


We should look into your situation further and see what can be done.  I've sent you a private message so that you can share some of the specifc details and we can try to render further assistance.   (model & serial number, contact info for you, and the organization you represent, etc)


Thanks for letting us know



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Re: Horrible Experience with Lenovo I want to share - Be Aware before you buy

Welcome to the forum!


I understand your anger and frustration, but would like to point out a couple of debatable aspects in your post, addressing these will help you be taken more least in my opinion:


a) There is no such ThinkPad as R41.

b) A series machines were discontinued by the end of 2003, so it was about time you replaced them with newer units, be it R or T series.

c) The very same depots service Lenovo machines as it had been the case in the days of IBM. There were complaints back then, and there are complaints now. If the depot has photo documentation of "spill damage", you are not covered by base warranty and I'm certain that you know that. So why would anyone be writing letters explaining something that is self-explanatory? That type of damage would've been billable in the IBM days as well.

d) For someone who's responsible for buying "thousands of units" you sure are being very vocal about two of them that have shown less than satisfactory performance.


It's not up to me to decide who's right or wrong in this case. These are just casual observations of someone who's quite familiar with the processes and entitlements that relate to ThinkPads.


I do wish you the best of luck in getting your grievances resolved. 





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