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Fanfold Paper
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Horrible Lenovo Customer Support, & Sham Extended Warranty

Any advice on how to get in touch with someone at Lenovo who cares about customer service?  


We purchased a high end laptop for corporate use which died after a few weeks of minimal use.  Despite having purchased an extended warranty with onsite service, we were told that we had to return the unit to the depot.   Three weeks later, we were told that there were no available parts.  It was nearly 2 months before we were able to use this unit.


Fast forward to current day, we required a replacement part on the same in warranty laptop, and tried for on site extended warranty service again. This time, I was informed that there was no onsite service for this type of repair, it HAD to be sent to the depot.  But, no worries, parts were available.  We would receive the unit after a 7-10 day repair turnaround.  Nine days later?  Surprise, the parts are not available.  So after a few days without notifications, I called for an update, and asked for an escalation since it felt like we would never receive service.  I was told that since it had been nearly a month since depot arrival, my case was being escalated to a "case manager".   I would receive a call within 3 business days.  Of course, being Lenovo, 5 days later I have yet to hear from anyone so I call again today.

The service rep had my on hold for 20 minutes, because the case number 218433644 which I was given last week failed to pull up anything about my case. Then he told me that I had to contact my case manager.   Really? Funny. First time I have heard this, or been given contact information for that matter.  Good thing I called.  So I email this case manager to discover via autoresponse that they are no longer with the company. The person who replaced him?  On vacation.  Seriously?  Amazing how much worse it feels to have a "case manager" overseeing this expedited case. "Escalated Case Management" - this is how Lenovo defines Circle File - Garbage.  Interesting philsophy for supporting those who purchased $3000 laptop.  For anyone considering Lenovo for business, one word - DONT.   



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Re: Horrible Lenovo Customer Support, & Sham Extended Warranty

Hello techjr, welcome to the community,


if your case hasn't moved forwards from when you posted I'd like to see if I can get it moving along towards a resolution for you, could you please send me the following information by private message;


Full Name;
Telephone No.;
email address;
System Type;
System s/n;

Date of purchase;
Case Numbers;


Thanks in advance




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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Horrible Lenovo Customer Support, & Sham Extended Warranty

I received a voicemail from an untitled Lenovo support rep on Dec 8 saying my repair part would arrive on Dec 10th and the laptop would be returned after the repair.  I sent 3 emails, and left 3 voicemails with 2 differrent people in the past 10 days.  I have yet to receive a response, an acknowledgement, an indication of what has happened to this unit which Lenovo received Oct 30 of this year.   


If there is in fact such a thing as "case managers" they should probably be fired and replaced with Andy.  It appears that he is doing much more than all of them combined. 





Paper Tape
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Re: Horrible Lenovo Customer Support, & Sham Extended Warranty

I have had a similarly terrible time with customer support. I have not yet been able to get a hold of anyone in the continental US. I called the number I found on the BBB website and have not received a call back. My hard drive failed, and I have been told by Lenovo, that their warranty does not cover hard drive failure, yet they initially told me that hard drives are covered and had me ship it (in a $20 box) to Texas. I assume this was just so I would give in to the $400 they are now charging me to replace it. I have requested the computer be mailed back to me. I expect to get it in 2017. Bottom line-don't ever purchase from this company again.
Paper Tape
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Re: Horrible Lenovo Customer Support, & Sham Extended Warranty

I ran into the same problem with the Extended Warranty with my first Lenovo, and it looks like I'm about to go through it again.


Lenovo will NOT automatically register the 3-Yr In-Home Service Warranty You Purchase!  This is a PROBLEM.


I see online that, AGAIN, they show that I have only the regular warranty.  The last time when it shipped with defective components (this time it looks like the video cable problem common to Y700), I had to point them to my Order # where it clearly shows 78Y1539 - the product code for the in-home 3yr warranty.  The support rep couldn't argue with that, so they had to authorize my repair.


But the website NEVER was updated to reflect the 3-yr In-Home Service Warranty.  I had to do the SAME THING when I had another problem.


Lenovo, it really looks like you do this to trick people into not using the service they paid for.  It honestly does.  WIth this shiny new Support site, I think you can do better.  If there's a special way to register this, make it clear when we first register our product, because I still haven't found it.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Horrible Lenovo Customer Support, & Sham Extended Warranty

After several months of frustration, Lenovo finally replaced the defective laptop with a new unit.  I am happy with their resolution, unhappy with the amount of time it took for them to do the right thing.  I wish them better support success in the new year. 



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