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Paper Tape
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Horrible Lenovo Customer Support

By way of reference.  I have used thinkpads since at least 1999.   I have probably purchased over 200 machines for my clients over the last 18 years.   So I am not a Lenovo hater.   I would attempt to fax or email this to a customer advocate, but I cannot find them.  In fact, in the customer email from the support request in question, there is the following paragraph from the email from lenovo on 15 Mar 2017.


Our goal is to make you Extremely Satisfied with the service we provide. If you have any issues with your service, please contact me directly [Moderator edit]


But when I tried to write I found this email is no longer valid.  So I am forced to use this forum.


The device in question is an Thinkpad X230.   On 15 Mar 2017, the computer suddenly stopped working.  Client calls Lenovo Support who issues ticket number 403QRH4.  The diagnosis was a bad motherboard and setup an onsite appointment to replace the motherboard. 


The problem is that the motherboard in this same machine has been replaced twice previously over the last 3 years. 

The first incident was 21 Feb 15, ticket number CQMWSCG

The second incident was on 22 Feb 16, ticket number 304BT5Z


My client is understanably concerned that the warranty will run out in Oct 17.  She contacted the warranty support people to see if she could extend the warranty.  She writes:


I called Tech support and was on the phone with them for 40 minutes.  Bottom line they say they have no record of the computer being repaired before.  I gave them the dates and numbers that I have from the previous times and they still couldn't find anything.  A supervisor/manager was unwilling to talk to me and they were unwilling to have me send the information I have that proves they serviced the machine.  They said, "You must have had it serviced somewhere else."



I cannot believe the manager refused to talk with my client and want to reach someone at Lenovo with the power to correct this unbeliveable attitude she experienced.  Hence the reason for this email.


Hello Lenovo.  If you are there and you care, please contact me ASAP to remedy this situation.  I will be happy to update this post after hearing from Lenovo/IBM support and outline the corrective actions impelmented, as I want to believe this is an isolated problem.


I have attached all the service emails  received from lenovo in a zip file. 


[Moderator note: Edited to protect member and employee privacy.]

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Re: Horrible Lenovo Customer Support

[Message moved for better visiblity.  AG]

I am a volunteer and neither a Lenovo nor a Microsoft employee.

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Re: Horrible Lenovo Customer Support

Hello lewallen, welcome to the Community,


If you client would like to extend their warranty they can do this through the support website. First they need to select their system and then in the Warranty & Repair menu select Check Warranry Status, after entering their serial number and waiting for the warranty information to load on the right side will be an option to Upgrade Warranty. 


If they would like to complain regarding the level of service they have received they can do this by requesting the call centre agent to escalate their issue based on their current case number.  A complaint will be opened and then assigned to a case manager who will then contact them.




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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Horrible Lenovo Customer Support

Was this resolved?

We're signing up a contract of close to 1mil for the next upgrades.

We have Lenovo and Dell in the contract bid and so I need to be serious if this is something that Lenovo takes lightly,

Paper Tape
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Re: Horrible Lenovo Customer Support

Yes, it was resolved satisfactorily, not great.   My client did not receive good service or direction from the front line CSRs.   I called the escallation number, got a call from someone who would talk honestly with me.  Since the laptop is working, they would not replace the laptop (optimum solution), but did exentend the warranty beyond the next year expected break point (the problem would happen almost every 12.5 months), so she will get one more repair out of it and by then, the machine will be 4 years old and probably got what we were going to get out of it.  I am a small business person, but if I were in your shoes, I would demand a repair escallation point of contact/dedicated representative to get the needed response if the front line team stumbles.

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