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Horrible Service from Lenovo

I sent this letter to Lenovo customer support.  I think this is worthwhile information for anyone who is considering purchasing a Lenovo computer.

I do not expect that this letter will result in much since none of my previous interactions with Lenovo support have, but I do believe you should know about the obvious flaws that exist in your support network.  I would appreciate if this were reviewed but will not be surprised if it is disregarded.

On December 18, I purchased a Thinkpad R61i through the Lenovo site.  It arrived in early January after the Christmas rush.  I was away when it arrived and when I returned I noticed that there were some problems with the computer.  The catches for the lid did not work and there was a warped bump on the top of the computer.  The computer initially seemed to work fine but I quickly found out that the wireless card did not work properly.  I called customer service and explained the problems (case number xxxxxxx).  They informed me that I should take it in to Data Integrity, one of your technical service partners to have it repaired.

When I took it in to Data Integrity, they said that the top of the computer was completely warped (curved upward) which was why the catches did not work.  They said that they would examine it and replace the top and would also check the wireless card and replace if necessary.  They called me the next day and said that they had left the computer on to install updates and that while it was running, it shut down and was now completely dead.  They checked the battery which was fine and determined that the system board was defective and would need to be replaced.

I then called Lenovo technical service again (case number xxxxxxx) and informed them of all of these problems.  I explained that this computer obviously seemed to have many defects and that for a new computer, this was completely unacceptable.  I requested that rather than trying to replace all the parts and risk finding new problems in the near future, I would like a replacement computer.  I think that with the obvious manufacturing defects that exist with the computer I purchased, that this was a reasonable request.  The customer service agent (Jason) said that he would put in the request.  I asked him when I would get an answer and he said that he could not provide an estimate; it could be a day, a week or two months.  This was ridiculous.  I should not have to wait 2 months for a computer that was defective to begin with.  I asked him what I should tell Data Integrity regarding replacing the system board and he said it was up to them what they wanted to do.

I informed Data Integrity of this and they called Lenovo customer service to find out if a replacement would be issued or whether they should make the repairs.  After skirting the issue for some time, the customer service representative finally said that a replacement would not be issued and that they should make the repair.  I do not understand why I was not told this at the time of my call (approximately 15 minutes earlier) and instead was left to think that I might have to wait 2 months to get an answer.

Data Integrity repaired the computer and returned it to me.  This was in mid February.  I did not use it since I still wanted to speak to customer service to see if a replacement could be issued or if some sort of compensation could be granted.  I understand that manufacturing defects happen but I would also expect that if a company cares about its customers and values referrals or repeat business, it would at least attempt to resolve the issue.  With the problems that were obviously built into my unit, I had no reason to believe that I would not experience more problems in the future.  I should not be expected to make do with a defective model when I ordered a new computer.  Had I wanted a refurbished computer (which is essentially what mine is now), I would have ordered one to begin with and saved some money. 

After the “fixed” computer was returned to me, I called customer service again.  The agent created another case number and said that this would be escalated to a team leader who would get back to me within 3 days.  I heard nothing.  A week later I called again and the same thing happened.  Four times I was told someone would call me but no one ever did.  This is not what I would consider customer service.  I finally called again and demanded to speak to a team leader at that time.  I spoke to Ronell Bxxxxxx (case number xxxxxx).  He was very helpful but informed me that he could do nothing and that he would have to further escalate it to someone.  Again I was informed that someone would get back to me within 3 days and surprise, surprise, I never received a phone call.  I called once again and was told to wait.  Finally on March 31 I called and spoke to Ronell.  I spent 60 minutes on the phone waiting to speak to the person who was supposed to get back to me a month ago.  Finally Al Jxxxxxx (of the Fix and Warranty department), the person who this was escalated to got on the phone.  He was incredibly rude and obviously not familiar with the case which is surprising since it had been escalated to him in February.  He none-to subtly accused me of trying to get a new computer based solely on a broken catch.  If this had been the case, I would not have dragged this on for 3 months.  He finally said that since the computer was probably working now, he didn’t see why they should do anything.  I hung up in anger.

I hope that this letter will be addressed.  I would like to emphasize that Mr. Bxxxxxx was very helpful but there are some obvious flaws in your customer service program.  Either that, or it is Lenovo’s policy to ignore customers until they go away.  I certainly hope that this is not the case.

As this currently stands and unless something is done to resolve this, I will never purchase any product from Lenovo ever again.  I will do all I can to ensure that anyone I know that is thinking about purchasing a computer is aware of my encounter before they decide.  This was the worst encounter I have ever had with a company.


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Re: Horrible Service from Lenovo

i can't speak to your customer service issues but this article will shed some light on the "warped" lid: It’s a feature, not a defect

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Re: Horrible Service from Lenovo

Incredible.. i live in Hungary and i have a brand new ThinkPad Z61p with MANY MANY problems, and I was angry that Lenovo has no support in Hungary, but no i see, they couldnt have helped me anyways..