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Fanfold Paper
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Horrible Support with ThinkPad P50 Purchase

After so my research I ended up buying the P50 from Outlet

The machine was advertised as 32GB but my parts says 8GB in parts lookup page


And I was advertised as M2000M as graphics card but to my astonishment I received M1000M. I did open a case in the ManagedTechnicalAccess or so-called ThinkPad support area but they closed the case saying that they couldn't reach me. my phone. Yes, I am in business in Asia and what do you except Lenovo?

I did reach the support number given in the ticket but after an hour of roundabout I ended up wasting my time with no proper resolution as everyone kept transferring me between the sales and IBM hardware support.


I was given an opportunity to return the machine in 14 days but LOL, I would return back to country at least after three months as I am in business.

I bought this as a replacement to the broken W530, which you need you can't fix it and all I had was P50 as ready to ship. As I was flying in a week I expected the machine to reach me at least as advertised but in all honesty, I never wished for such a surprise at 40,000ft.

Now I don't have a proper workstation and sitting idle with a $1300 brick. I can't use them if I need to return them for a refund or I can continue using them but no refund would be provided and I can keep the machine.

But Lenovo, I expect a little professionalism over here, I should be either given a part refund (the costs of missing part) or allow me to use the machine and accept return as I come back after the business.

This is nettlesome act when you mix business and consumer support to the same people.

Fanfold Paper
Posts: 7
Registered: ‎05-30-2017
Location: US
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Re: Horrible Support with ThinkPad P50 Purchase

I am pleasantly surprised that how no one cares at Lenovo to a premium business grade laptop. How do you expect me to recommend thinkpads to my business then?


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