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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎01-24-2019
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Horrible service by Lenovo's German service center for (Yoga C930)

Hello everyone. I just had to come to the forums and post this text that I wrote to the survey Lenovo sent me after my initial service case:


I sent my brand new Yoga C930 to be checked because of light bleed both bottoms corners of the screen. They received the laptop on January 2nd and on January 7th I asked what the situation was, they told me it was being prosessed. On January 14 I again sent a message to customer service asking for an update since I didn't get any updates unless I asked (which is really bad service). They replied that according to the service center there wasn't enough light bleed. They then sent the laptop back. So for a week the laptop was just laying somewhere at the service center and only after I asked about it did they send it back.


When I got it back I noticed the service person had scratched the laptops hard metal hinge. So now I had light bleed and  a scratched laptop. He hadn't even used the protective sleeve I had put the laptop in (sleeve came with the laptop). Instead he had forcefully jammed the sleeve in the box and put the laptop in a random plastic bag...


At that point the laptop had been gone for a month and now the only way to get a replacement metal hinge is to send it back to Germany AGAIN. I have no idea how long it will take this time, or even if it will be returned in any good condition. I can say I have lost all my trust in the Lenovo service center and I am disappointed that Lenovo does not have any service in Finland for cases like this. At least for consumers like me you don't (Thinkpad might be different, from what I've read.


I started college in January and a laptop is required for my studies. This whole mess makes studying for me impossible, since I have no clue how long the laptop will be gone this time. I am beyond disappointed and utterly shocked about the service I've gotten for a laptop that was marketed as premium (with the light bleed isn't actually premium) and which I paid over 1600€ for. There is no point for the extra 4K HDR screen I paid for, since the light bleed is so distracting in any darker scenes or pictures.


Basicly the reality is now that you have my money, you don't actually care about any quality issues or problems the customer has (speaking of the light bleed here, at least you are willing to change the hinge). It is a very short sighted strategy on your part and I am sure you will see the after effects of that business plan eventually.


Your own forums (and many others as well) are filled with customer experiences like mine. You really need to fix the situation in your service center in Germany. Those people could not care less about the customer or the customers product.





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