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How do I file a written complaint about the Lenovo warranty service?

2017-06-24, 6:00 AM

The hard drive crashed on my Yoga 2 11 laptop, so I sent it to the Depot for repair.  Simple problem to fix, right?  The support representative told me that it would typically take five (5) business days to repair.  After it arrived, the online status indicated that they did not have the parts to fix it.  I called two (2) days later, and they said they had the part, and I should have it back soon.  I checked the online status five (5) days later, and there was no change in the status.  So, I called again, and they said they were imaging the hard drive.  I told them I was going out of the country the following week, and I needed the computer back before I left.  They said they would put a note in the file, and I should get it back before then.  I asked them to update the online status so I would not have to call back again, and they said it would be updated within 24 hours.  I called the next day because the status had not changed.  They told me it was still being repaired.  I asked to speak to a supervisor.  They told me they would escalate the problem and someone would call me WITHIN 3 BUSINESS DAYS!  Are you kidding me??  That is escalating the problem?  That was not acceptable because I would be out of the country by then.  I told them I would hold for a supervisor.  I finally spoke to a "supervisor," and they were no help at all.  It is like the Depot is on another planet, and they have no way to communicate or get an accurate status of what is going on with my computer.  It is like a computer company does not have the ability to send an email to the technician to find out what is going on with my computer and why the status has not been updated in over ten (10) days. Apparently, the support personnel has information available that is not reflected in the online status since it still indicates that the technician is waiting for a part.  How do I file a written complaint and find someone within Lenovo who can provide professional warranty support that demonstrates some concern for their customer?  And, how do I get my computer back??  It cannot be shipped to the country to which I am going!


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Re: How do I file a written complaint about the Lenovo warranty service?

2017-06-26, 9:31 AM

Hello ncsuwolf, welcome to the Community,


Sorry to read about your experience so far.  There is no email address to send a complaint directly; I would suggest that you request the call center to open a complaint on your behalf and when contacted by the case manager to write to them explaining your grievance.  Yes this process can take up to 3 days depending on various factors.  The mailing address for Lenovo (North America) can be found under locations on the following site.




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Re: How do I file a written complaint about the Lenovo warranty service?

2017-08-04, 23:40 PM

Andy,  what would you suggest if the customer service person does not respond to your emails or phone calls?  I have a labtop that was not completely repaired and the customer service person has not replied to me in 3 weeks.  Is there a higher level of complaint that can be filed? 


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Re: How do I file a written complaint about the Lenovo warranty service?

2018-05-14, 20:19 PM

YES I AGREE.  CARBON1X  custom built, cost me over $2500.  after our IT network engineers hooked it up to printers, etc I have over $5000. into this doorstop (whoops, laptop).

First, had the recall for the screw getting loose in the battery.  Yup on site service.... done  

OH by the way, I have PREMIERE SERVICE (don't bother)

So that's that, then the thing started typing whatever keys it wanted to.  I'd press F it would press U.  I'd press S it would press L   whatever.  And NOT always the SAME key would show up if I pressed the same one over and over.... it was RANDOM and random when it happened, but irritating as heck! 

SO back to service.   yup...service arrives with MOTHERBOARD, after being told it would be a keyboard.  sent back. 

week or so goes by, service guy calls with "PART IS IN"   so I assume it's the KEYboard...  this kid arrives (not my usual repair guy) and he starts in with a MOTHERBOARD.  SO I figure...hmmmm maybe the Lenovo tech that said they'd send a keyboard was wrong and the powers that be decided a mother board is better.   SO who am I?  So I said FINE.  SO he starts in. about 4 hours later he's still trying and he's working off his LAP not the work space on the desk in front of him....so FLAG FLAG FLAG...I KNOW he's having issues... he doens't talk, so I text the original repair guy from IBM and tell him there are issues and I'm freaking out...what's going on. 

Finally I get a reply fromt he kid telling me he's having issues booting up, the laptop won't boot up properly now.  He calls Lenovo support and talks to them.  he then tells me the board just pops out and the new one pops in, BUT, he had pieces everywhere and my cell card out abnd on his lap, not on the table... I was NOT COMFY.  I snapped a photo of him working. 

SO after I freak out for another hour or so, the REGULAR IBM repair guy comes by to "HELP" and we decide to put the original motherboard back in.  Can't figure out why it won't reboot.  Computer won't restart.....just sits in lala land... 

so they change it back and now it does the same lala no reboot with the old motherboard now too.  AND the fingerprint reader AND the PIN codes no longer work, only the long password.  Okay....... 

SO the elder repair guy said he'll order the KEYBOARD and replace that to fix the keyboard typing by it'self.  I said I thought that's what this was for???  NOPE...it was random.  No one knew where this motherboard came from.  PLUS it was REMANUFACTURED!


SO  a few days later I get a call, the keyboard is in...takes me a few days to get available as I travel.... we go to replace the keyboard to find out the one they sent was BLACK....my laptop is silver and it's the WHOLE base where the keys are, not just the keys... everything.  SO the IBM elder repair guy removes the keyboard from the new one, and puts it into my silver case adn has to tape it up inside to protect the screws with that recall stuff prior... now the mouse pad and click buttons don't match...whatever, it's only thousands of dollars, WHO CARES?  and that REBOOT issue??  MUST HAVE BEEN THERE BEFORE AND I NEVER NOTICED. but to be safe, they will put in the new motherboard too.  great.  (USED MOTHERBOARD, REMANUFACTURED IS HOW LENOVO DOES IT)  and then it still doens't reboot....so it MUST have been there before, MY ISSUE.   Hmmmmm sssuuurrreee.  NOT it's probably with all the freaking pieces the kid had hanging around when he was TRYING to replace a board that snaps in and out and was unable to do it!!! 


So they leave.... PIN doesn't work, Fingerprint doesn't work and restart won't work.... 


then I noticed when it sat and I went back to it to work, it had shut off and was trying to restart.... then it would send a notice "shut down incorrectly would you like to open where you left off?"  hmmm, did I accidently reboot or shut down??   

so I started watching... yup EVERY night it did this.  It did it twice int eh middle of my work, then today it did it and NEVER CAME BACK.  BLACK SCREEN.

the motherboard they installed FAILED> 


I call PREMIERE CUSTOMER support and I'm told by MATT, I have to talk to Jackson, so I have to wait for Jackson to call me...only takes a few minutes, but he has NO answers other than to say he will submit a report to either get me a refund or new computer... but it will take DAYS.... hmmm premium support.....  WORTHLESS>   SO  I have to wait SOME MORE. LOSE MORE WORK TIME and wait for LENOVO to decide if my laptop is a lemon...HMMM, lemon or faulty repair or BOTH?  I say BOTH.   But they don't care how it affects ME


I've purchased GOD, I've forgotten how many Lenovo (IBM) products....and this is what I get.... THANKS.  WAIT... CUSTOMER RELATIONS WILL SEE IF THEY APPROVE A REPLACEMENT... (AND I BET IT WON"T BE NEW LIKE I BOUGHT!!) I bet it'll be another door stop REMANUFACTURED from old defective parts.  WHAT kind of service is this???? 


It's horrid and the time I've been at this, SINCE AUGUST 2017 (purchase date) to now (MAY 2018).... 

It's been issue after issue after issue after issue and I'm done.  Why won't they just replace it??  I BOUGHT EXPENSIVE INSURANCE TO COVER THIS CRAP!!!   


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