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What's DOS?
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How do I get rid of the SPAM Popup Ad for an External HDD

A spam popup ad for an external HDD came down with supposed Lenovo system updates.  This ad pops up every few hours and I can figure out how to get rid of it.  There is a check box that says 'don't show again' but I check it and it doesn't work.  I am extreemly disappointed they have invaded my system with an ad that was part of a system update.  I have 15 thinkpad users and it hasn't happened to all of them yet but they'll be screaming at me when it does.
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Re: How do I get rid of the SPAM Popup Ad for an External HDD

I don't think the IBM/Lenovo system update would do this.  Are you sure that's where the spam ad came from?  More likely malware on the computer from another source.  Have you tried using SpyBot Search and destroy or Adaware?

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Re: How do I get rid of the SPAM Popup Ad for an External HDD

If you can view the source or get an IP address from where it's coming from go here & follow the instructions on how to block it


 Or from internet explorer 7.0, hit tools/internet options/privacy/sites then choose block this site with the name & IP address in the box. Also go to or Google the name Malwarebytes if that doesn't get you there then DL the free software do the updates for it then scan your machine for spy/malware. It's a great program that's free for scanning & removal functions or you can buy it to have it do live protection (no need) One or a combo of these things should get rid of it.

Hope this helps

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Lenovo, please stop spamming me on my own computer

I love this X61 tablet, but after installing some recent updates, I'm ready to tell everyone I know to foget Lenovo and deal with someone a little less self-promotional. Perhaps Paris Hilton.


I am bothered at least once a day now by a lenovo "stay unplugged longer" advertisement to buy a battery. (Lenovo's are overpriced, by the way. I've gotten very good third-party batteries for half the cost direct from China.)


Here's the thing: this nuisance advertisement refuses to quit. It's got a checkbox that reads "do not show this message again," but a week of checking this box hasn't stopped it from returning.


I can't pinpoint which TP or TV process is spamming me with this add, so it looks like it's time to uninstall as many of them as I can find.


Lenovo, you can do better than this. Copying the nagware innovations of folks like Epson and HP "please, buy more printer ink!" is no way to make for satisfied users.

What's DOS?
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Re: How do I get rid of the SPAM Popup Ad for an External HDD

I started getting the same popup ad for a Lenovo HDD after I installed Message Center Plus.   It kept popping up every few hours over a period of several days even after checking 'don't show again'.    I was on the verge of removing the MS Plus software but then the popups suddenly stopped appearing.


Try starting up the ThinkPad Productivity Center app and delete any messages in the Message Center.   Maybe that will help.  Also, the Message Center has an option to disable displaying "bubble messages".  You could try selecting that option.



What's DOS?
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Lenovo Update Brings Stubborn Pop Up



Keep getting a Lenovo pop up inviting me to update my memory, complete with image of sponsored racing car and a tick box for not showing again. Despite ticking the box it keeps reappearing. Anything I can do?



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Re: Lenovo Update Brings Stubborn Pop Up

same problem here, but they're hawking batteries. I'm uninstalling all the lenovo-ware, trying to figure out which piece is responsible for the spam.
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Message Center Plus desktop spam

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Re: Message Center Plus desktop spam

I don't think you can.  I think thats what makes Message Center Plus, Plus!  I
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Special Offers

Just noticed a special 20% discount offer popup from Lenovo in bottom right portion of screen. What prompted the popup and how do I turn it off? TIA
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