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I will never buy Lenovo products again, and actively discourage people from buying.

I am in a financial bind due to events directly and indirectly caused by Lenovo's poorly designed tablet and months of delays in customer service. As of writing this post I have almost no money to my name.

- Lenovo Miix 310 tablet is advertised supporting a 64GB SD card. This does not work.

(Keeping in mind, my 12 year old Lenovo laptop can read a 128GB SD card without issue)

Furthermore, the existing 32GB SD card keeps disappearing and requires a hardware reset to work again. Two SD cards already corrupted this way.


- Replacement motherboard provided ALSO had the identical hardware issue. This is therefore a design flaw.
- There was damage to the tablet screen. I am 100% sure it was caused at the service center during SD card servicing, and they were 100% sure it was caused by me. (Note: this screen damage would not have occurred if it was not taken in for the SD card failure.) 
I was informed in a call (reference #232344791) to Tablet Support that I would NOT have to pay as the screen replacement took SIX WEEKS to arrive, but I was still forced to to pay (Rs 5070 was the amount). This is compounded by the next point:
- The tablet was left in the service center for nearly 3 months overall, both for SD card and screen issue, and no work was done to it because the parts were not available. I also could not remove it from the service center because warranty period had expired during this time. Why is this important to note? Because:
I am a freelancer. Without my computer, I did not have money to buy a new one, and I could not work - lost work opportunity financially worth much higher than the value of the tablet itself.
Even 1000 INR is a large sum to someone in my position, as you will see below. I don't know what amount of work you would have to lose to feel the crunch as much as I have.
I've lost sleep and a fair amount of opportunities directly because of the mental and financial stress caused directly by the failure of Lenovo's SD card reader design.
And as a result of all of this, if you'll kindly look at the IMAGE REMOVED you will see that I have Rs600 left in my account to last me the rest of this month.
You may be relieved to know that a refund was approved for the device (after 2 months of pleading!) and is in process, but I hope you realize that this will never be enough to make up for the stress and financial loss that Lenovo has caused me. It is also taking far too long to be processed. Who is going to reimburse me for the projects I could not work on while the tablet was in service?
I demand to obtain a copy of the audio recording of my Tablet Support call reference #232344791 because that is the proof that I was informed I would not have to pay a screen replacement, and for that I demand a refund of the amount I was forced to pay for the screen (Rs 5070).
Mod's edit: Removed image from public view to protect owner.  If you wish to repost the image, please edit out last name and account numbers.  Thank-you.

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