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Ideapad 710s repairing for 2+ months and still waiting

I live in Toronto, Canada. I bought Lenovo Ideapad 710S (i5-6200 128GB SSD 8GB Ram) in August 2016. Used only 2 weeks, the laptop couldn't recognized the hard drive. It was sent to MIAD (local Lenovo certified repair center) and diagnosed as hard drive dysfunction.

The technician told me since it is a "consumer" laptop (vs. business laptop such as ThinkPad), they don't have the part to repair/replace. I waited 4 weeks until the new hard drive arrive and the laptop was still not working. MIAD told me it was not hard drive problem and beyond their ability to repair. The laptop was later sent to Lenovo repair center (US).

A week later I got a notice from Lenovo said the laptop had arrived but the part they need is in back order.


Lenovo service ticket number: 7024023113

5 weeks later still no sign of getting the problem fixed. Customer service repair status is on hold. EDT is unknown. Contacted Lenovo and get the same answer. Only compensate so far is extension of my warranty for 2 months. However, no compensation about the usability. For about 10 weeks, I have to use my old Pentium M Thinkpad.


If I bought a new laptop, it might already arrived!

Conclusion: Don't buy Lenovo "consumer" laptop (Ideapad, Yoga etc), at least not in Canada. 


Later edit:

One of the customer service operator escalate my case to their consumer care manager. I am expecting a call within this week before Oct. 14, 2016.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Ideapad 710s repairing for 2+ months and still waiting

Oct. 17 I got phone call from MIAD said Lenovo repair center told them the machine is beyond repairing and will give me a new unit.


Nov. 2, I got the new unit with 2 month warranty extension.


Lesson learned: don't expect to get fast respond. Instead, you need to shout out load to get their attention.

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