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Re: Ideapad U & Y Series Shipping Discussion (2011).

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link to image


1. Why "The shipper has requested a Delivery Intercept for this package. / Return to sender pending." ?

2. Why long time show "1 Business Day(s) left" ?

( How long ship to my home? ) Who can give me answer!!

I sent three e-mail to Lenovo "", never reply to me. !!



link to image image(s) >50k converted to link(s)  

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Re: Ideapad U & Y Series Shipping Discussion (2011).

Ok so I narrowed my choice for a new laptop between a Sony and the Lenovo Y570.

I placed my order for the Y570 I7-2630QM on May 29 2011.

The estimated ship date was June 6 2011

the estimated ship date was changed to June 9 2011

Again the ship date was changed to June 30 2011.

I called and was not given an answer to why this was but she told me she would find out and send me an email in two days.

Well those 2 days have come and gone and now I am considering canceling my order. This has been a very bad experience thus far and if this is how they treat there order I can imagine how the rest of their service may be.


I will call again today and if they don't have a confirmed ship date I will cancel my order.



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Re: Ideapad U & Y Series Shipping Discussion (2011).

That is really weird... there might be a real large shortage of critical parts. I can tell you this unit has NOTHING similar to the Y560, it's all new hardware. I just received mine last week, and the time from order to ship was about 5 business days. This was in Canada, and the laptop was shipped from China, so I cannot say whether our units up here are shipping faster.

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Re: Ideapad U & Y Series Shipping Discussion (2011).

I realize I am but one casualty of many, but am posting here in case someone can help expedite or resolve my situation.


I was in pretty bad need of a laptop and Lenovo had some great discounts on configured systems.  However, I wanted the right kind.  I placed an original order for a Y460P, realizing too late that I had just ordered a dual rather than a quad core processor on June 11th, 2011.  I called 1 business day later on June 13th, 2011 (skipping Sunday) to cancel the order. 


On June 15th, 2011, it shipped after cancellation.  I called my customer service representative back.  The only thing I could do is accept the computer and send it back for a full refund.  That's fine.  I thought I would be a good sport about it.


So I go ahead on June 15th, 2011 and order the Y560P, the laptop I actually wanted and try to be patient.  No word until today, June 20th, 2011.  I called Lenovo, this time getting a customer service representative that I can't understan.  She said something about my order never making it to production and I have sat around waiting for several days when no progress was being made.  I was told to call back in 2 days.


I don't normally complain, but wow.  There were many points at which this could have been avoided.  The first point on my part with looking at the processor more carefully than I did (I thought I knew what I was talking about when I ordered the first laptop).  Beyond that; though, my treatment has been pretty frustrating. 


As of now, I can't get my representative on the phone and am extremely frustrated without any clue of what to expect.  I am getting the first laptop today with no hint of when the one I actually wanted will be here.

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Y470: Shipping Date Changed After Purchase

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I purchase the Y470 model today (6/20/11). Before making the purchase, the estimated shipping date was 06/25/2011. After placing the order, the estimated shipping date is now 6/30/11 (five days later). However, on the site estimated shipping date still say 06/25/2011 as of right now.


I understand that the very fine lines underneath states "An estimated ship date will be posted on our order status site after your order is placed." However, since the 6/25/11 is still showing the estimated shipping date to be 6/25/11. Could the 6/30/11 be a mistake? Is it at all possible for someone to look into this for me? While I am very pleased with the features of this laptop on this deal, the 6/25/11 estimated shipping date played a huge role on my decision to give Lenovo a try.


Any help would be very much appreciated.


Thank you


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Re: Y470: Shipping Date Changed After Purchase

I am not sure why this thread was moved to this category since this is not a product support thread, but okay.


I just checked the estimated shipping date again on the site, and it is updated to 06/27/11. Yet, the estimated shipping date on my order is still 06/30/11later. There was no customization on my order, therefore the shipping date on my order should not be later than what's posted on the site. This makes absolutely no sense to me,and I find it very misleading to potential customers and very unfair to me.

What's DOS?
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Re: Ideapad U & Y Series Shipping Discussion (2011).

Dear forum,


I stay in Indonesia for a job assignment but I live in the US. Recently I purchased Lenovo Ideapad U460. I can post my order number if you need it. I ordered it for my fiancee in the US. The order date was June 19 2011. When I made the payment, Lenovo provided an option to login thru Amazon. Since I had an account with amazon I took this option.


A few moments after Amazon contacted me and suspected fraud on this transaction and told me that my purchase has been canceled. 


On Lenovo website, my order status is 'in process'


Since I am in Indonesia I couldn't call them on their business hours. My way of communicating is by e-mail. I haven't gotten a single reply from them.


My wish is for my order to continue to be processed and eventually shipped. If they need a payment information, I will be happy to supply that for them. What I try to avoid is to reorder my laptop because the coupons I used may have expired.


Can someone help? 


Thank you

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Re: Ideapad U & Y Series Shipping Discussion (2011).

hey expat123,

could you pm to me the following

Machine Ordered :
Date of Purchase:
Case/Order Number : (if any)

Description of issue :

WW Social Media
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Re: Ideapad U & Y Series Shipping Discussion (2011).

Dear Lenovo Community,

     I'm writing this post to tell my story regarding Lenovo's handling of my recent purchase of a Y470. I ordered the laptop on 5/17/11. At that time the customer service rep at Levono said the system would ship within 2 weeks. The next day I received an order confirmation from Lenovo. I checked my order status on the Lenovo web site, and was surprised to find that the estimated ship date was listed as 7/4/11. I wanted to clarify this ship date, so in the order confirmation e-mail was this statement:


"If you have any questions about your order please call William Griffin toll free at (866)428-4465                  

or e-mail"

     I attempted to e-mail William Griffin at the e-mail address provided, but it bounced back as "No person named William Griffin at ... blah, blah, blah.  In fact, I wrote numerous e-mails to, and even tried to contact the webmaster at  to have my message passed on to dwgriffi.  No reply from Lenovo to any of my e-mails.


     Why does a big company like Lenovo provide "False" information in something as important as a order confirmation?


     This is the biggest problem with Lenovo.  You can't get any e-mail support. I had a stroke, and I'm disabled. I can not communicate on the phone due to my speech disability.


     Now here's the good news. My Y470 HAD shipped, on 5/27/11 from China, within 10 days after I received the order confirmation. I received it, at my door in Wisconsin, on 6/2/11.  That's 6 days for the whole shipping routine.  I think that's an excellent job of moving product from the factory to the end user.


     I have read other posts in this forum.  I must say that some of these individuals really have no patience, and they are flighty as a butterfly. They must be Gen X, Y, Z'ers, who crave instant gratification.   I'm old enough to know what I want.  I researched all the systems, and decided on the Lenovo Y470. Once I made up my mind, I was willing to wait for the process to run it's course.


     All in all I'm pleased with the Y470, and I got the service that the customer sale rep had promised me.    


KUDOS TO LENOVO.                          





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Re: Ideapad U & Y Series Shipping Discussion (2011).

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i order this Lenovo IdeaPad Y570 - 086232U on July 3rd.


The original shipping estimate was July 8th.


Now it has changed to August 4th.


Has anyone experienced this? I emailed the support center but hasnt recieved any feedback.


UPDATE: it was shipped on the 8th just like the original estimate. I am very pleased but have no idea that the estimate was changed.

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