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Ideapad U & Y & Z Series Shipping Discussion (2012)

2012-01-17, 20:16 PM



Post your shipping and order management experiences here:


Here are some common points of frequent discussion:


  • Avoid Credit Holds - ensure that BOTH your bill to and ship to addresses are listed with your CC bank before ordering
  • Lenovo will NOT bill your card until order ships - an authorization charge hold to check for available balance may show up when order is first placed.
  • Estimated ship dates are based on default lead time and can vary from what was displayed on website.
  • In the US and Canada, Lenovo utilizes UPS for new product shipments
  • Orders may ship before the Estimated Ship Date
  • Orders may enter through Alaska and pass through Louisville, KY before traveling on to final address
  • Cancellation requests may take up to 2 days to process
  • Requests to change configuration or other aspects of the order may require the order to be rebooked.
  • Lenovo does not accept payment via international credit cards, except AMEX.


Prior shipping discussions for U & V & Y & B & Z series notebooks can be viewed on this thread.


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Re: Ideapad U & Y & Z Series Shipping Discussion (2012)

2013-01-04, 13:35 PM

i'm closing out this thread, and have started a new one here. i do want you to continue the discussion as needed.


Due to my absence, I may not reply your posts and/or personal messages



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Re: Ideapad U & Y Series Shipping Discussion (2011).

2012-01-04, 19:03 PM

I placed an order for a Y470 yesterday, web site estimated a ship date of 1/6/2012. I checked my status today and the ship date is 04/12/12! Chatted with a rep who told me to try again in a day. There is no way I can wait 4 months for a laptop, need it for school and work. Was wondering if anyone else has this happening?


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Re: Ideapad U & Y Series Shipping Discussion (2011).

2012-01-05, 17:30 PM

I order a Y470 on 1/2/12 when it said est. ship date was 1/4/12. Now my est. ship date is 4/30/12.


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Re: Ideapad U & Y Series Shipping Discussion (2011).

2012-01-08, 21:41 PM

I just ordered an Ideapad Y470 on 1/6/2012 and I also had the great surprise of seeing my estimated shipping date set at 4/30/2012. I'm very curious to know why I'm going to have to wait months for my laptop.


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Re: Ideapad U & Y Series Shipping Discussion (2011).

2012-01-09, 22:47 PM

Same thing happened to me.  Ordered a y470 on 12/29/11,  and now my estimated shipping date is 04/12/12...  I'm a computer engineer student and I need a computer for my classes do you think I should cancel the order?


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Re: Ideapad U & Y Series Shipping Discussion (2011).

2012-01-11, 6:12 AM

Me too.  I'm in Texas.  I ordered Y470 w/ i7 online on 1/4/12 and within a day my est. ship date was 4/12/12.  Talked to their "customer service" dept.  (or the closest they seem to have to one), got nothing but runaround at their call center in India, so I cancelled the order and placed order by phone with U.S. sales.  Changed to same system but w/ blueray and they insisted it would ship on the 10th Jan.  Today is 10th and the est. date has disappeared from their site and no notice that it shipped, although accessories and software are bouncing around via UPS because nobody at home to sign for them.  I will cancel this order too if it's delayed significantly and get an HP Envy.   

In meantime, Lenovo failed to cancel my first order and shipped out software related to it!  Back on the horn with India today and know nothing more than I already knew!. They're obviously trained to avoid direct answers.  Understand we're talking about a Chinese company that outsources service to India, so enough said about service... It's not even an option... at least to western standards. I've had good luck with Lenovo computers, but this is absolutely my last purchase from them.  I don't want to end up with technical problems some day and have to depend on this second-rate company.


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Re: Ideapad U & Y Series Shipping Discussion (2011).

2012-01-11, 21:49 PM

cel057 -

Can you keep us updated on when/if your Y470 is shipped and delivered?  I'm in the same boat you are.  My order was placed on 1/9/12 and the estimated ship date is 1/13/12.  Reading these comments, I'm getting nervous as to whether that's going to really happen or not.


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Ideapad U & Y & Z Series Shipping Discussion (2012)

2012-01-18, 20:31 PM

I ordered a Lenovo Ideapad Y470 on January 5th.  It had a ship date of January 11th, 2012.  When January 12th arrived, it showed January 17th, 2012 as the expected ship date.  On January 18th, 2012, it pushed further to January 23rd, 2012 for the ship date.


I called in multiple times to figure out what was going on.  I was told that Lenovo cannot change my order to provide express shipping instead of UPS Ground because it will put me back at the bottom of the list for fulfillments.  I was told this twice.


I emailed and was told "the laptop will ship as soon as Lenovo can ship it."


Today, I chatted with a representative who claimed that the issue was from a supplier not fulfilling the order for 500GB 7200RPM hard-drives.  He futher stated he will put me on a priority list for fulfillment.  I think that is just a way to try and calm my annoyances and isn't literally what does or will happen.


Does anyone have any experience or input on how to get Lenovo to express ship this delayed item?  Or, does anyone have experience with their orders inevitably cancelled because Lenovo just cannot fulfill their end of the sale?


I'm very flustered at this point.


Moderator note; post merged, subject edited


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Re: Ideapad U & Y Series Shipping Discussion (2011).

2012-01-19, 21:40 PM

I ordered the Y470 (i7 model) on 1/4/12, initial ship date was 2/4/12, now it has slipped further to 4/24/12. Yet another update is promised tomorrow. When I try to get straight answers, I get a pretty good run around. I'm going to give it another day & probably cancel the order--this has entered the absurd arena as far as I'm concerned, very disappointed.


Sounds like a neat laptop, great price, but hey if you can't get your hands on one there are too many laptops lying on shelves right now.


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Re: Ideapad U & Y Series Shipping Discussion (2011).

2012-01-20, 0:00 AM

Howdy all. I ordered a Y57017 on 12/30/11.


Initially listed as a 1/5/12 ship date. That subsequentially changed to 1/30/12 on the 3rd of January. I contacted Lenovo CS via the phone, and told them that it was unacceptable. The woman responded with the "priority listing" and gave me a $35 credit after threatening to purchase an HP instead.


It was then changed to 1/12/12 ship date. On 1/11/12 the date was changed to 1/17/12. This time I contacted the CS again and was told it would ship the week of the 8th.


1/17/12, came and went and now the shipping date is listed as 1/23/12. I contacted CS via live chat to cancel my order.


Here is the direct conversation:


Please wait while we connect with you with a Lenovo Chat Representative.
You have been connected to _Anthony B.
Thank you for choosing Lenovo sales chat. I’m Anthony, your sales chat representative. My rep id is RJ4. What can I do for you today?

I would like to cancel my order.

let me transfer you to post sales
Thank you.

_Anthony B has left the session.
Please wait while we find an agent from the US Post Sales Team department to assist you.
You have been connected to Penchal Penchalaih.
Thank you for choosing Lenovo Chat service, this is Penchol. How may I be of assistance today?
Hello, How are you doing today?

I would like to cancel my order.

I apologize for the inconvenience.
Sure. I'll be happy to help you out with that.
Could you please help me with your order number?

[Gave Order Number]

Thank you.
May I know the reason to cancel the order please?

The customer service offered and the constant "delays" of my laptop. I have decided to purchase an HP.

Sorry about that.
One moment please while I get that information for you.
Ok, The order you have placed its been confirmed & assigned to warehouse for production.

This is the same exact excuse you told me two weeks ago.
You also stated it would ship last week.
The order is packed to ship any time the week of 18th of January as per the update from the supply team
okay and that is unacceptable
I am tired of being told it will ship, and then checking to see it delayed
I was originally told it would ship the week of 11th
Then I was told two days ago it would ship the 17th.

There is no more delay on the order it is good to go.
The order should ship out any time this week.

I am sorry, but until I have a tracking number, I do not believe it
Unacceptable. I would like to cancel the order still

The order is already added to priority list you should expect shipment soon this week.

No thank you. I want to cancel the order.
**No more response from CS after this**

Has my order been canceled yet?
Either you cancel my order, or I contact my credit card company and work with their lawyers to recoup my money.
Your blatant disregard for customer service is embarrassing.

^Hopefully that gives you gents an idea of what you are dealing with. I have already gone ahead and notified my Credit Card company about the chargeback. I have also gone ahead and purchased my Alienware laptop instead, steeper, but at least it has already shipped after placing the order yesterday! Good luck to you gents, but I doubt you will be getting your laptops anytime soon. First/Last purchase of a Lenovo product for me!
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