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Paper Tape
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Ideapad Y700-15ISK One more custommer ( cheated ??? ) to be added on Black list ...



20 years i brought IBM thinkpad ... because they were and some are still rock solid.

To get a nice laptop for few basic stuff, i brought the Ideapad Y700 ( ISK ) and ... i read the forum about all these people getting the same Hardware Failure on Power / Wakeup from Sleep mode!

I think my system was up to date ... now i have a solib brick ... when i power it i have only light of keyboard blinking one time, no beep , no alarm , no screen and no fan noise ... either nothing on screen.

My first words are for technical manager and representative of Lenovo ... this is far to be , and i count my words ... professional to keeep to sell this kind of device if you know that your Hardware line have a problem.

So now i wait official reply about this question : What is your promise about if you swap this hardware or fix it ... it will never happend anymore after the end of warranty ... Do you mean i paid a laptop to be used in better case maximum of 2 years .. ?

Let's see if an official reply will be printed.

All will be taken in action, why ? Simply because after all the threads i read here about this same problem, and the "reply on the fly" ... either are not fixing anything ... is the proof that you are currently try to hide the mass hardware failure on this product.

I try of course all the "try to yourself" solution posted , power button, FN+... , use HDMI on external LCD.

You get my words ... you lost a client and not only one ! Because now you are not anymore my Nr 1 manufacturer of laptop ... you are in the same level of all others and your product are overpriced for laptop with a 2 years life Max !


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Re: Ideapad Y700-15ISK One more custommer ( cheated ??? ) to be added on Black list ...

Hello PaginR,


it certainly sounds as though you have a problem but it is very difficult to discern whether or not it is hard or software related going on the information you have supplied, your other post to date is also in a discussion regarding a different system and possibly different issue.


One possibility is that you are experiencing difficulties due to the Windows 10 1607 Anniversary update, the following linked to document will provide some tips for you to try;


You will also find discussion on this subject in the following thread;


If, as you state, you have exhausted all suggested solutions you have found, including trying to start the system using the Novo button, I would suggest you contact support requesting their assistance and, if necessary, open a support ticket.




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Paper Tape
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Re: Ideapad Y700-15ISK One more custommer ( cheated ??? ) to be added on Black list ...

I do ... called lenovo 2 times, waiting the email to print since more then 7 hours now... for a repair service !
I wait up to tomorrow, if no email ... i will recall again ... to see where is the problem ...

This is really stupid that there is no email technical service contact ... and all need to be done by phone as anyway they must send u email with forms to be printed ... lucky that i have another computer....

Let's see what Lenovo Technical Dpt will find as my laptop do not boot anymore ... curious to see what is the problem !

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