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Paper Tape
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In-Warranty Repair / Part On Backorder Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E540



I have been a longtime Lenovo supporter but I have been frustrated lately with my repair status in question.


At the beggining of the month my monitor started to display lines across half of the screen and called support to start a repair inquiry. The part in question obviously seemed to be my monitor. I also found out that I was in warranty.


The next day I received my UPS box and I re-shipped it back to the repair center. This was the easy part.


Have gotten 2 emails from Lenovo repair center (2 1/2 weeks ago):


" This is a Follow up E-mail regarding Case ********.  Although your part is still on back order, we are
reviewing your case daily in order to resolve the back-order as quickly as possible. We are doing
everything possible in escalating to the highest level for resolution of part delivery. Your order has
been escalated to our dedicated resolution team who is working toward expediting the part. Your order is
receiving the highest priority. "


I really doubt that it is receiving the highest priority if it's been in the repair center for almost 1 month.


I have called the support number twice over the past 2 weeks. The first time I called the call center the Lenovo support agent was helpful and said he would start a Sub-Case and contact the repair department head to check on the status for the case. I have not gotten any notification or update. Called the second time and the Lenovo agent, he said it is still on backorder and could not give me any insight or update on the status last updated 2 weeks ago. It seems like the case is unresponsive.


My laptop is necessary for me to do my school work and to run my memory-heavy programs. I have had to use desktops on campus and an older Lenovo laptop in order to get my work done.


It's been a frustrating experience and has caused unneccesary stress for me.

What's DOS?
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Re: In-Warranty Repair / Part On Backorder Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E540

Question, did you have this resolved finally? I currently am in the same boat, been waiting 2 months for 2 replacement parts.

Paper Tape
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Re: In-Warranty Repair / Part On Backorder Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E540

Hello gormantg,


The issue ended up being resolved. Currently using the laptop in question now.


Customer service / Repair services were less than disireable, I was sure to let them know in the Lenovo Customer Satisfaction Surveys. I got the survey by email before I got my laptop back.


Took about 2 months to have the laptop sent back to me. I called the repair center every week to try to get a status update of the part on backorder with little to no change in response. I only had to wait for 1 part though, instead of the 2 you are waiting for. Even so, it was a frustrating experience.


My main focus of posting to this forum was to try to get attention of a Lenovo employee and try to address my repair # status. I noticed there were other forum posts of the same matter that got addressed by Lenovo employees.




If I were you, I would call each week, try to get a status of your repair #. Ask to speak to a supervisor if possible. Address your concerns.


I wish I could be of more assistance, but this is what it took to try to get answers.

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