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Blue Screen Again
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Is It normal to wait over SIX WEEKS for motherboard replacement (have Lenovo onsite warranty)?

Hi, my Lenovo laptop has been useless to me since about two months ago. This is my first Lenovo btw, and I have no experience with their warranty except I noticed it's cheaper than Dell so maybe this is why I am having all these problems (explained below). Anyhow, I've called them about 12-15 times during this time, the first three being to diagnose the issue (which they blamed on software for a week) then realize they had to get the hardware fixed and eventually saying I need a new motherboard and somebody will contact me with it in 3 business days. I waited and waited, nothing.


After my fourth or fifth call during the next ten days, somebody said, almost in passing, there is a backlog and the technician can fix the PC only when they have the motherboard. I asked when they motherboard will be shipped to the tech? They said they had no idea!


Then ten days ago I lost it and I said this is crazy and nobody had told me the three business day service promised depended on parts availability and that I have only the one laptop and I depend on my PC for part-time work (which I've lost now!) and school (now have to spend all my free time on the computers in the library). I insisted to talk to a supervisor and they said they had no supervisor but they could "escalate" the issue and I will get a call or email from someone in 3 business days. I waited...nothing. Called again and was told the same thing about escalating the issue again...and today is day five of "three business day" for the second escalation.


I'm pissed and I don't know if Lenovo is just a company with the **bleep**tiest warranty, if this is an unusual situation and never happens with Lenovo and somebody screwed up the orders, if motherboards are scarce no matter the company, if I would have gotten faster service if I had sent my PC in....or what.

I'm just so frustrated and had to tell someone because calling Lenovo has not helped.

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Re: Is It normal to wait over SIX WEEKS for motherboard replacement (have Lenovo onsite warranty)?

Hello and welcome to the Community,


No it is not normal to have to wait that period of time and sorry you've have had such a negative experience. Could I ask you to please post your service case number, no other information is required, and I will ask for your situation to be investigated.




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Re: Is It normal to wait over SIX WEEKS for motherboard replacement (have Lenovo onsite warranty)?

Lenovo seems to have a serious parts availability problem for many consumer models, and that is especially true for models that have had a lot of failures.    Lenovo's customer support people are also notorious for making commitments, and setting expectations, that they have no intention of keeping, so I can certainly understand your frustration.  



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