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Blue Screen Again
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎12-08-2011
Location: Irving, TX
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Is Lenovo extended warranty a Joke ?

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I bought an extended warranty on february 26 2009 for my laptop. The invoice from lenovo says, it is a "THKPLUS TP 3YR PICKUP DEPOT" ( i have a copy of the invoice). Not even in one place of the invoice does it say that the warranty starts from 2008, but after a lengthy discussion with Tech support, warranty and sales departments, they tell me, that sales person who sold me this warranty sold me a wrong warranty and the warranty actually starts by 2008 and has already ended in february of 2011. I have had some issues with the laptop in the past and when ever i call them , they were never able to trace my warranty and always said that they were going to do a "One time exception" to fix this problem . But they never have seemed to  fixed this issue. I am appalled at the lack of professionalism and customer service from an organisation of lenovo's stature. 


Anyways, i have already started shopping for attorneys to handle my case. Even though this warranty is not worth of what am going to spend on the attorneys, i am deeply frustrated  by the amount of time i have spent waiting over the phone for the customer service guys to fix my warranty. Hence i dont really with going ahead with the case.

I wanted to give a one last try to see if people in forums can help me out. I sincerely hope lenovo will fix this issue before i take this issue against them legally.





Note from Moderator:  A comment which violated the forum rules was removed.

Blue Screen Again
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎12-08-2011
Location: Irving, TX
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Re: Is Lenovo extended warranty a Joke ?

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Wow, you guys are super fast in fixing a message which can turn against you but care less to help the customer who has spent money and time buying and worrying about your product.

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Re: Is Lenovo extended warranty a Joke ?

I edited your message because I'm the moderator. I don't work for Lenovo.


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