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Is the Lenovo Warranty a scam??

I recently bought a Think Pad from Best Buy (the only place selling it in NYC at the time) and just attempted to activate the one year warranty.  To use the warranty they require a receipt with the serial number printed on the receipt and  mailed into Lenovo.  I spoke to Best Buy, and their policy is not to print the serial number on the receipt unless the customer purchases an extended warranty.  Does this mean that the only way to have have your computer covered under the one year warranty is to purchase an extended warranty???  

FYI- I also checked my warranty on a Thinkpad I purchased from J&R a few years back and it is the same deal- only J&R did print some kind of generic code, but not the serial number.

Both Best Buy and J&R are major retailers for Lenovo computers- does it mean that everyone purchasing a computer from them forfeit their warranty? 

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Re: Is the Lenovo Warranty a scam??



Can you send me a private message with your system model and serial information?  I'd like to look into this and see if there are any special circumstances in your case that I should be aware of.  Either way, I'll try to help.


Generally, here is how things have been...


Systems ship with their base warranty already activated - really no requirement for a customer to "register" at this point.


Pre-configured models with fixed Machine Type Models that are sold through business partners start with warranty activated from the factory, and we move out the end date with a bit of padding to allow for some time on the shelf or in a warehouse before a customer takes it home.  The idea is that we try to ensure the customer has at least the amount of time of the base warranty (1 year or 3 years typically).


Configure to order systems have their warranty activated when they ship since they were ordered directly from Lenovo, this is easy for us to manage.


If you purchase an extended warranty from Lenovo at the same time as the new configure to order system, it will typically be applied within a week to 10 days of the system shipping, if not immediately.


If you purchase an extended warranty from a partner or from Lenovo sometime later, there is an activation process for the extended warranty, but not the base warranty.


Where I typically see the scenario involving a receipt and serial numbers come up is when a customer buys a fixed model system from a partner / reseller and the system has been in stock for a while and the amount of remaing warranty time is less than what was expected for the base.  (I.e. suppose you had a 1 year warranty and only 10 months were left because it sat in a warehouse for 2 months).  The customer can contact Lenovo and fax in a copy of the receipt (proof of purchase) that shows who it was purchased from, the date and the model / serial number.  Ideally, it is all pre-printed, but there can be ways to manage exception cases. 


Customers can visit our support site and put in the model type (first 4 digits) and the serial number from the bottom of the PC.


This should show the warranty status.  If it shows under warranty, with the general end date that you would expect, then no further action is needed from you.  If it doesn't show under warranty, or the day is way off (to your detriment) and you are hitting a dead end getting it entitled, then send me a private message with your contact details and I'll try to help you get it sorted out. 


Thanks for speaking up about this.


Best regards,



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Re: Is the Lenovo Warranty a scam??

Hi John,


Have you tried checking your warranty in Lenovo's on-line tool?   (Support icon above -> check your warranty status)


(Here's what I think I know...) Lenovo warranties follow the serial number, and begin on date of manufacture.  You shouldn't need to "activate" a warranty (unless things have changed) but you may have an issue of warranty duration.


If a laptop sits in a retailer's inventory for any length of time, the warranty is being "used up".  Generally not a problem when ordering direct from Lenovo, but it can be with other retailers.  In the past I've been able to call support and just up-load an invoice to get the warranty start date corrected.  Lately I've had some issues (with "Idea" products, not ThinkPads) but this has worked for me in the past - even without a serial number on the invoice.


All I can say is try again.  Call support (ThinkPad support) and see what they say.  This should be fixable, but may take some time and patience.


[edit] Mark types faster than I do Smiley Happy  You are in good hands.



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Re: Is the Lenovo Warranty a scam??

Hello Mark,


My name is John also and I am having the same problem as the other John in the post that I am replying to. I purchased a two year extended warranty from Lenovo last year on 10/23/11 for $89 and an invoice #WN393929. My serial # on my G560 laptop is *. I looked up the status of my warranty and it says it has expired and shows I have no extended warranty. How or where does a person get this information updated? Please advise, John

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