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I purchased a refurbished Thinkpad X61 about 2 years ago and I have had nothing but trouble.  I restore the image about every 2-3 months just so i can keep it working but i keep having the same problems which are inconsistent and can't be reproduced on command. 

The first major problem is with the backlight.  About 5 times a month, upon waking, upon start up or just in the middle of a session, the backlight will dim or shut off completely.  It is not effected by the brightness or contrast settings.  

The second major problem is with Access Connections, the tool for connecting to a wifi network.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  Even worse, when I switch users, I usually get a message that the program access connections is already in use.  This forces me to log off, log into the other open user, shut everything down, and restart.  Sometimes this fixes the problem but it often takes 2-3 restarts before I can get the program working properly.  

I have talked to tech support on several occasions and even taken the computer to a local warranty authorized repair shop upon Lenovo’s instruction.  They were not able to reproduce any of the problems.   So here I am with a warranted laptop which I can not use because the problems can’t be reproduced in a repair shop.  

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Hi danremba, and welcome to the Lenovo User Community!


Sorry to hear about your lack of success with the authorized repair shop Smiley Sad.


I believe the community members may be able to help with your two problems. I suggest asking them in the X Series topic!

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Moved this Y550 technical question post over to the IdeaPad Y Series discussion.

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There are two things that you look for when you buy a product. The product and the after purchase support. And unfortunately, I am highly disappointed with both after purchasing Lenovo ideapad G460 (2.4 GHz/i5 processor/4GB RAM). It has been approximately 15 days since I received this computer and here are some of my experiences with Lenovo and this product.


Delivery: Lenovo website says that the product is shipped within 10 days of order receipt. I order the computer on 9th June online and they gave me the shipping date of 24th. However, around 24th the shipping date changed automatically to 29th. When I called Lenovo about the issue, they clearly indicated that they are not legally bound to ship the product on the specified date. Since I had to leave for a business trip, I asked Lenovo to hold the delivery till I come back which they failed to do even after assuring me that they would. They eventually gave me a $40 discount which paid for the gas I burned to drive back home again and receive the computer.


Performance: Ok, so I agree it has a high end i5 processor but within 15 days of using this computer, the computer crashed twice with BSOD and froze atlease 10 times and once in middle of a business presentation.

Quality: I plugged in headphones in headphone jack and when I pulled it out, the green plastic thing came out with the jack.


Speakers: I can barely hear the audio unless its middle of the night and there is no background noise.

Veriface Login: So it does sounds cool when your computer recognizes your face and without even typing a password, it logs you in. However, there has not been a single case when I didn’t have to hold the computer in my hands and walk towards or away from light for it to recognize the face. It does not even give you an option to cancel the Veriface login and type the password. You are out of luck if you are outside at evening or later and trying to log into your computer. It irritated me the most when I tried to log into the computer to look for a saved address while I was travelling. I could not log in atall that evening.


Battery Life: It says it is an energy star rated but don’t expect its batteries to run more then 2-2.5 hrs.


Customer Service: When I called customer support, the representative said “Sir, I am looking at my computer’s headphone jack and I don’t think it would break unless I pull it out”. She wasn’t even willing to consider the possibility that they might have sent me a defective unit. And when I asked her if I could return the unit, she told me straightforward that now that I have broken it, I can’t get my money back. On top of that if I want it fixed, I’ll have to pay for the repairs as well as the shipping charges…


Now there are a few good things about this computer as well but definitely not even worth half its price. My 2003 dell with a broken hinge and dead battery works better then this. 

I don't see any resolution to the issues and feel like I am conned.

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Lenovo not only produces inferior products, Lenovo has also the most terrible customer support you can image.  I am completely fed up with that bunch of incompetent liars. They won't try to help you, the only thing they want to do is to aggravate you.


You should read this and weep:


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Paper Tape
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I was just about to buy Lenovo computer. Lenovo brand will never be on my list and any of my friend. I have never experienced such a bad customer service.  I did order on line and the money was authorised asap. The initial shipment was for the 15th. Then the date changeg to 17th. I did try to call lenovo call center, fist of all I was 20 minutes in line and then nobody can give me answer when will be my computer shipped. Call center did recommend to call two days later. Yestrday I spent 1 hour and 40 minites on the phone with sales in India with same result. I did end up cancelling the order from Lenovo. NO CUSTOMER SRVICE AT ALL AND NOBODY CARES TO LOOSE CLIENT.

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@praba633, they are myriads of stores that carry Thinkpads line in Beijing. So maybe you could try those stores instead of ordering online in Beijing.

Jin Li

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What's DOS?
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you are clever. congrats on not stepping into the lenovo mess. spread the words as far and wide as possible, do NOT ever even THINK about buying anything from lenovo. nothing but junk. I just threw away a g460 i bought not even 2 weeks ago. there is no contacting them. you call and talk to a man with the worst accent and put on hold for well...the rest of the day. congrats again on avoiding them.

What's DOS?
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Hi, I am more or less in the same boat. Lenovo's nonexistent customer service department just doesn't care; in fact an agent had the audacity to tell me "do what you can, we are a big company and we don't care about individuals like you!". 


My boss made the mistake of buying a T410S for me. I started getting a big band on my monitor and sent in my laptop to lenovo to get it fixed. I got my laptop back after a week with the same problem with my monitor as before though they had supposedly replaced the screen. Worse yet, my laptop was missing some pieces. When I called lenovo and finally spoken to an agent after waiting on the phone for 45mins, I was told that I had to talk to the dispatch department. After another hour on the phone I spoke to someone who told I was being sent a replacement part. Its been 5 days since I haven't got anything. Calling their technical support/dispatch is a waste of time since they just keep giving you the run-around.


The most frustrating experience I have had with a laptop manufacturer. I really regret having to use a lenovo; can't wait to switch to something else, even Dell seems a step up...